Trusted Contractor for Basement Finishing and Remodeling

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How long have you been ignoring the basement at your house? It seems it is already too long that basement left unfinished and it means you have one space you can use at your home. Off course you have reasons to leave the basement unfinished but this can be the right time to get second thought. Unfinished basement is a big waste of resource and the fact that you never go down there even more concerning. There can be some problems or damages inside the basement. Wild animals or pests can build their nest there or there can be fungus or mold infestations there. All those conditions are not only potentially make the basement condition worse but it can cause serious risks to your family. In contrary, that basement has quite large space for many different things. You can build storage room there or even more useful rooms like your own wine cellar or your workshop to do your hobby. It is true that finishing a basement is a big project and it would need a quite big budget. Let’s see it from different point of view. You can consider it as an investment and once the basement becomes more functional, you are started getting the returns from it.

I believe you already have a concept or even plan about how the basement will be. So, why don’t you make it real? It is true that basement finishing is not just finishing the basement structure but how to create a living space with optimum functions. That’s why you need the real expert to handle the project. Here in York, PA, there are many contractors with credentials of finishing or remodeling basement but none of them better than J.E. Home Repairs. This is the leading contractor with top reputation in this area. As a licensed and registered contractor, it has all credentials, expertise, and resources to handle the basement project. Moreover, basement remodeling is one of their specialties. This contractor has team of professionals with diverse expertise ranging from basement structure, interior design, project management and others working together making sure the basement will be completed right what you want it to be.

J.E. Home Repairs is committed to deliver the best quality services at the most competitive rate. It offers complete flexibility to every customer to choose what kind of services they need. You can choose any service detail for the basement project. It is ranging from wall or ceiling installation, flooring installation, utilities design and installation, interior decoration, and many more. This arrangement makes you able to control the project based on actual budget. This contractor has been decorating, finishing, and remodeling basement on many properties creating living space with different functions. Their customers are very satisfied with the result of their works and you can be the next one.

There’s no reason to hesitate. Contact J.E. Home Repairs and tell them about your plan. Their team will help you plan the project and provide the quote so you can prepare the budget wisely. The project will be bonded and insured ensuring your best interest.

Running House Building Site Optimally

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The property market seems already revived from the huge crisis almost a decade ago. It can be seen as the property market becomes more dynamic these days. The housing demand is on the rise and it creates big opportunities including big prospect on construction industry. With more demand in housing properties means more residential buildings to build and the construction companies will get promising projects to meet those demands. Don’t forget that this is a time when business competition is very tough including tough competition in construction industry. Starting a house building business offers promising projects indeed but it is very important to make sure you can manage this business well.

There are many requirements to start a house building construction business. You need to have good knowledge on this business and also have the right credentials including a license as contractor. It is also important to have good knowledge on managing day to day business in this industry and as house building business it is all about managing house building site. That is the actual core of your business and how you manage the construction site will determine how successful the project will be. It is more than just completing the construction but how to meet the time frame and delivering best result at efficient budget.

There are important factors worth of proper attentions in running a home construction site. How you manage those factors will reflect on your business’ reputation. A construction site is a harsh environment and it must be well managed to make sure the whole projects can be completed on schedule. The first important factor is having a trusted one to be responsible running the site or commonly known as the foreman. As the business owner, you may not be able to oversee the construction site day by day. You may be handling different projects at different locations and mostly, you will be spending your time on the headquarter running the whole company. It is important to have someone to verse the construction site managing day by day operation for the project. The foreman must be someone you can really trust to run the site as well as respected by other workers and more importantly, has the right knowledge and experience to get the job done.

A construction site is a work environment and as an employer, you are legally required to provide a safe work environment to your employees. This makes safety measures the second important factor in running construction site. Construction work is high intensity work and it is related with possible risks of accidents. Proper safety measures must be provided to minimize any risk of accident. Don’t forget that in case of any accident at the construction site, as the business owner you will be held liable. There are several safety standards to meet. You need to have proper knowledge on this. Just like safety, security is also important factors in running house building site. Maintaining proper security on the premise is crucial. You need fence to protect the perimeter preventing unauthorized people to break in and causing damages.

Blue Whales Sprinklers for Commercial Irrigation in Portland

<2016/04/Blue-Whales-Sprinklers-for-Commercial-Irrigation-in-Portland.jpg" rel="attachment wp-att-787">Blue Whales Sprinklers for Commercial Irrigation in Portland

Irrigation and sprinkler systems are something that probably forgotten by people. But actually, those things are pretty important especially if you live in Portland and around. For homeowners in Portland, they should do the annual check for the backflow equipment. It should be done in order to make sure that everything is well done. But sometimes the water system for sprinkler contains certain substances which are able to contaminate the water. Even though the pipes for sprinklers and clean water supply are totally different, but still, you need to check the backflow device at least once a year. Portland commercial irrigation will do this kind of thing with the best service for the loyal clients like you. So, if you are living in Portland or around, you better give them a call to check the backflow equipment in your house.

Basically, the company named Blue Whale Sprinkler gives the service for wide range of clients starting from individual or private residence, commercial businesses, up to the public areas like schools, department stores, churches, and many more. They give the service of sprinkler installation, irrigation systems things, checking the irrigation, doing the reparation, and if it is needed they will replace the broken equipment of backflow as well. The annual check should be done because if there is something wrong or damage or dysfunction of the device, they can repair it from the earlier stage. You should know that every part of the device for irrigation is generously expensive. Once you need to replace it with new one, you should spend up to a few hundred dollars from your pocket. It is better to prevent by checking yearly rather than doing nothing and replace with the new one, right? Information related with irrigation system, you can call Portland commercial irrigation.

Actually, Blue Whale Sprinkler gives their service to almost all kinds of building. It does not matter if you live in the real estate or condominium because they will come to your house once you gave them a call. You can sign up for a full package. They will give you regular checking service for irrigation system in your house, installing the required device for the irrigation, repairing something damage from the system, managing the backflow before spring and winter, and many more. For further information you better go to the official website of Portland commercial irrigation. The price will be much cheaper up to 25 US dollars if you apply for the full package. But it does not matter if you only need them in one time call like for water testing or winterization only.

Checking and make sure the security of backflow or water supply in your house is very important. Consuming bad quality of water will bring bad impact to your health. So, it is better for you to check the irrigation system rather than hurt yourself with illness. Other than that, by not checking the backflow regularly, the possibility of replacing the device with new one will be higher too.

Where a Prefab material can be used?

A prefab material can be used in a quick, easy and fast installation of any structure like a house, home, storage, cabin or garage. The prefab material is becoming popular to construct any building structure as it is cheap, fast to build and durable. The prefab home or house requires much less labor as compared to conventional houses. Most of the companies are selling complete pre manufactured prefab homes called “mobile homes” or “manufactured homes”. Prefab homes are becoming popular in Europe, Canada and United States as they are cheap and durable. Local building codes LBC do not apply to prefab homes or houses; instead, these houses are built according to specialized guidelines called (Federal HUD regulations in the United States) for manufactured housing. Manufactured homes are not permitted in some communities and therefore, one should check from their local city to find about prefab building and construction laws regarding prefab homes.

What is the scope of prefab homes ?

The prefab home has a really bright future due to their many advantages over traditional homes. Many architects and designers prefer to design the prefab homes over the traditional homes. Also the home insurance of prefab houses are much lower than the regular wooden or concrete homes. Prefab home insurance is about 50% less than the normal home insurance, which, can save you a lot of money per year. Prefab material for home or storage is environmental friendly and poses no threat to nature.

Different Popular Names for Prefab Homes:

factory built house

modular homes

panelized homes

pre-cut homes

mobile home

Advantages of Prefab Home or Structure

There are many advantages of prefab homes or cabins. The prefab home can be installed at any place in less than a day. They are the most fastest way to provide shelters to the people in case of any natural disaster like hurricane, earthquake or tsunami. The prefab home can be installed with not much labor and cost. The prefab building costs much less than the building constructed on-site. Also the prefab structures can be customized to meet the needs of any residential or commercial building. Prefab structures are easy to assemble or install and can be used for a variety of uses.

Where Prefab Home or Building Structures can be Used?

Prefab building structures can be used in those places where building an on-site structure is not possible or is really expensive. For instance, in mountains, snowy areas or deserts where transportation is not accessible and can be dangerous or time consuming, prefab homes or pre manufactured building material can be used to build a fast and cost effective building solution. Prefab structures can also be used in natural disaster areas like in earthquake hit area, flood hit areas or hurricane hit areas. Prefab house or shelters can be of great help to the disaster victims.

What Floor Plans are available for Prefab Home?

Prefab Home are available in many different designs with different floor plans. There are also available contemporary or traditional styles prefab homes. The prefab home can be ordered with special customization at an extra cost.

Choosing 3D shed plans: How to build a perfect garden shed

For many homeowners, a good garden shed is absolutely essential. However, with so many different types and styles of sheds to choose from, making the right choice can often seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to the whole process. However, the good news is that picking the perfect shed for your garden or backyard doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With some careful planning and making the right considerations, you’ll find that it’s easier than you realized to pick the best shed for your needs. No matter what you’re planning to use your shed for, we’ve put together some top tips to help you make the perfect choice.

#1. Size:

When looking for your new garden shed, the main thing to take into consideration is the size. If you want to keep on using a large amount of your garden, backyard or patio area, then you’ll probably be hoping to get a shed that is spacious inside, but doesn’t take away too much of your garden space. In this case, your best option is to go for a smaller garden shed that is suitable for storing your items.

There are many garden shed options available that have been cleverly designed to save space, while still allowing you to make the most of your outdoor area. In addition, you’ll also need to consider what you are using your shed for when it comes to picking a size. For example, if you are planning to create a shed that’s going to be used as an office, then it’s important to make sure that you’ll have enough space inside for any equipment, like a desk, computer, and your chair.

#2. Style:

It’s also important to consider the style of shed that you are going to be building in your garden. When it comes to picking a style, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration to help you make the best choice. For example, if you’re going to be putting your shed together yourself with 3D shed plans from a site like, then it’s important to make sure that you pick a style that you’ll easily be able to construct, such as this 16×24 Gable Storage Shed Plan, which is a perfect option for beginners. However, bear in mind that you can find several great shed plan options that have more complicated designs, but are still great for newbies to tackle.

Don’t forget to consider the use when it comes to picking a style. For example, if you want a shed to use for storage only, then a simple design will probably work well. On the other hand, for those who want to use their shed as an office or for entertainment, opting for a more complicated design and style tends to be a better choice. Remember that the roof design that you choose is also crucial. If you live in an area that is prone to wet weather, then a sloped Pent roof is the best choice, since this will help with drainage. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to create more storage space inside your shed, an Apex roof will help you to achieve this.

#3. Material:

Another thing to take into consideration when building your garden shed is the type of material to use. In general, you will have two choices to pick from; metal or wood. Wooden sheds tend to be more inexpensive to build, therefore they are a popular choice amongst many homeowners. With a wooden shed, you will also find that it retains heat better, and it’ll also look more attractive in your garden. Unlike metal sheds, don’t forget that with a wooden shed, you will also be able to paint it in a color of your choice to make sure that it matches well with the appearance and style of your home and garden.

#4. Location:

Another hugely important factor to think about is where you plan to locate it in your garden or backyard. Before deciding on a location, it’s important to carry out a full check of the ground to ensure that your positioning is suitable. First, you should look out for anything that could create an obstacle when building or using your shed, like rocks on the ground, plants, and tree roots. More importantly, you should ensure that the ground you are planning to build your shed on is suitable. For more beginner friendly tips and guides please check

Drainage is a very important factor too, since picking an area that does not drain well could mean that water will collect and pool around your shed. If you are planning on building a wooden shed then this could do some serious damage to the materials and structure. Lastly, you should also consider how well the lighting is in your chosen location. Unless you are having your shed wired up for electric lighting, you will need to ensure that it is placed in an area with good natural light so that you can easily find what you are looking for inside.

With so many choices, picking the right garden shed or shed plan can be tricky. But, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may have imagined. Take the time to weigh everything that you need from a shed before carefully considering all these important factors to make the best choice.

How to know a good builder?

<2016/06/How-to-know-a-good-builder.jpg">How to know a good builder

Building a new home or buying one is really a big event for anyone. People put in lot of money to buy a prefect home of their dreams. It is close to their hearts, hence they do not want anyone or anything wrong with the home dampens their mood or enthusiasm regarding the home. With so many things at stake, you should carefully tread in selecting a house and first step in the process would be selecting a builder.

Builders all over the world are more or less famous for their notoriety. They often give you enough reason to get annoyed. So a great home needs a great builder to build it. Let us see what makes a builder great?

  1. Reputation: A builder’s reputation is built over years and it could only be built on the basis of real good work. A good building farm Prescott home builders develops the reputation and name with customer satisfaction of highest order. Also a lot of information regarding the status and reputation of the builder could be availed from the state builder’s associations and government authorities.
  2. Timely delivery: A good builder always delivers the home as per the schedule in the contract. They ensure that the complete scope of work has been done before handing the keys over to the owner.

  3. Environment: Another thing which makes a builder great is the scope for sustainability and environment consciousness in his work. A good builder always follows sustainable practices be it with design, material, workmanship and recycle they make it a standard in their work.

  4. Staffs: The team of builders includes architects, engineers, and workers of several trades. In absence of competent and enough number of architect, engineers and staffs both the quality and speed of the construction is sure to suffer. Good building contractors always have adequate numbers of competent persons to get the job done in time and with absolute perfection.

  5. Quality of construction: A home is built for at least 60-70 years. So any lapse in quality of construction is going to affect the lives of the habitants as well as the life span of the house itself.

Hope these things mentioned here will help you in finding a great home of your choice and prevent you in ending up with a substandard builder.

When Demolition is a Better Option


When your home structure is already too old and facing risks of serious damage from water, fire, or mold, remodeling or renovation work won’t be a suitable solution. It would no longer enough given the scope of existing problem and rebuilding can be a better option. It is true that this option would be involving demolition of the old structure of the house.

Depends of the actual condition, it can be demolition of partial structure or full demolition of the whole house structure. This option allows you to build new structure that meets the latest safety standard while also able to accommodate the current and future needs of your family. Of course, residential demolition isn’t a simple project. It needs to be done optimally and safely. It must cause minimum impact to surrounding environment and people living there. Western Environmental Solutions is the expert is residential demolition service. It has team of professionals highly trained and full experienced in partial or full demolition of residential building. It is including handling potentially hazardous materials such as asbestos that is commonly found in old house structure. The team form this company will safely demolish the old and unwanted structure and removing all materials and debris that the space is ready for building new structure.

Once the area is cleared from old structure, the new structure can be started to build. It is a good thing that you are thinking about Basement Developments. It can be an extra space to accommodate several needs from storage space to utilities installation. Golden Acre Renovations is Calgary’s top renovation and remodeling contractor. This company has the expertise and resources to help you design and build new basement structure as well as renovating and remodeling old basement. Don’t hesitate to call them and let their team of experts help you with the plan.

Sustainable Building Design, Construction and Operation

Perhaps the biggest question asked of builders regarding their building design and operation today, is “Is it sustainable”? This question is being posed for a number of reasons, but most prominently because of a global initiative for building and operating structures in a way that does not harm the environment, and that once they are built will co-exist with the environment. So designers are being pressed to start with these thoughts in mind when they put together their building plans. Because sustainability means minimizing the negative environmental impact of buildings, this demands that there is a particular focus on two key areas: saving energy and reducing waste when building the structure and over its lifespan.

  1. Saving Energy is a broad area in building design, construction and operation that can be accomplished in many ways:
    • Utilizing materials in the project that use less energy. These materials need to be of top quality and include everything from quality of the materials used in walls, the roof, and even the soil and sand quality used in the structure and its surrounding areas.
    • Utilizing renewable energy sources like solar and wind power that not only are free, but can in some cases add additional power to the grid for others to use.
    • Making sure to utilize newer more energy efficient household appliances.
    • Creative design that takes advantage of natural wind and shade resulting in a reduction in the need for heating and air conditioning;
    • Lighting a structure is always one of its biggest ongoing power consuming areas. Sustainability focuses on utilizing more natural lighting, and making sure to employ technology that turns off lighting when not in use.


  1. Reducing waste during construction and over a building’s lifespan needs to be a primary focus because it will directly diminish any negative environmental impacts.
    • The use of reusable and renewable products in the construction of the building, is an important step toward sustainability. All reusable and reconfigurable products cause less waste, because fewer new materials are required to build initially, then upgrade or reconfigure to accommodate future modifications.
    • Businesses and homes are changing how they can be configured to accommodate their occupant’s needs which change over time. Technology has responded with reconfigurable rooms and room components, eliminating the need to replace so much of what gets built. Sustainable means being able to reuse components and using modular designs systems, that never or only partially get replaced.
    • The use of quality components is key to sustainability with the goal of using components whose lifecycle match that of the building. This approach means that there is much less of a chance for the need of replacements, and for the originals to end up in an already crowded landfill.


The case for sustainability is a strong one with a reduction of waste, monthly life cycle costs and increasing efficiency as its primary benefits. Above this, the chance to save the planet’s resources for future generations makes the sustainability case undeniable.

Amazing Luxury Finished Basement Ideas


This article was written by Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services, located in Naperville. They provide basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom renovation design-build services.

Are you itching to start on your next home improvement project? If so, may we suggest you consider remodeling your basement? This is often the most neglected space in the house, only used for old things, utilities and unused appliances. But with some work and creativity, it can be transformed into an amazingly beautiful and functional space.

The first step is to decide what you want to do with the basement. There are literally dozens of basement remodeling ideas. In our article, we have listed 45 ideas you can choose from. They range from a home gym to a kitchenette. A good idea is to consider what your biggest need currently is. If you often run out of space to houseguests, turn the basement into a guest bedroom. If you work from home, the basement is a much better location of a home office than the dining room.

Beyond any practical needs you may have, also be creative. Find something unique to turn your basement into. Some unique ideas include a game room, a home cinema, a bar, a personal collection museum, a music studio, an art and crafts room and so much more.

You then have to decide on the design and theme for the new room. Do you want a cool space, a homely room, a chic feeling or a vintage look? This will depend on what you are using the basement for and what your personal preferences are.

For the basement to be functional, there are various other issues that have to be considered too. For example, moisture can be quite problematic in basements. Without the right measures in place, the moisture can damage the walls, destroy furniture and even threaten the foundation stability of the house. This is therefore an issue you have to look at closely with the contractor. If there is a seepage problem, you might have to spend a significant portion of your budget on it.

You also need to think about safety, especially if you are going to turn the basement into a bedroom. Some local laws require that an egress window be built. You should also consider installing a smoke alarm and fire sprinklers.

Other important functional issues include insulation and ventilation.

A remodeled basement can make a big difference to your home and in most cases, it can even add value. Our comprehensive compilation of luxury basement remodeling ideas should give you some great ideas to get you started. Read the full article and see our compiled images at: Amazing Luxury Finished Basement Ideas.


Five ways to remove rubble from a construction site

A mess of rubble is inevitable at the beginning of any construction project, no matter what the construction site may be. It can be natural material or even an old building that has been destroyed or designated for renovation. One of the first challenges, then, is determining exactly how to clear this rubble from a construction site.


One of the most pre-emptive ways to clear rubble from a construction site is to avoid putting it there in the first place. Part of the preparation process for a construction site is the acquisition of the materials needed for the project. However, many construction sites are left with materials that were ordered but never used by the end of the project. This is then extra rubble that will need to be removed as well.


In line with avoidance, if there is leftover material adding to the rubble, reusing and recycling those materials is an efficient site clearance solution. Leftover material such as timber and bricks can be utilised for additional projects on the site or on other sites in order to save on costs and prevent waste. Seemingly useless rubble could also be compacted and used for landscaping – like filling the hole left by a swimming pool.


If, however, prevention and recycling are not viable options, skips can be utilised for clearing rubble from a construction site. Skips are available in various shapes and sizes that from suppliers. Once the skip arrives, the construction crew can fill it with rubble and then simply call for it to be collected and disposed of responsibly.


Another effective site clearance method involves the use of tippers. For this method the construction crew uses equipment like spades and scoops to pick up debris and drop it into the tipper. Once filled, the tipper can drive to a legal dumping site and tip out the rubble.

Grab Lorries

For large-scale construction site clearance, another alternative is grab lorries. They are efficient and economical, ranging in size from four- to eight-wheel trucks for carrying many tons of rubble from a construction site. Grab lorries function with hydraulic loading cranes which saves on labour by removing the need for more people or equipment for loading rubble.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Contractors for Home Improvements

The scale of your home improvement project will likely determine whether you need to hire contractors to carry out the work or not. You may have some basic bathroom tiling that needs to be done, but when you receive quotes from professional tilers, you instantly want to give it a go yourself to save some money. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but there are also those jobs around the house that need to be done by professionals. Here are a few of the reasons why you should hire a professional contractor to complete home improvement jobs.


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You Will Get a Professional Finish

Starting home improvement jobs around the house by yourself may be the most affordable solution, but hiring professionals to come in and complete them instead will give you the professional finish you want. You are living in the house, so you’ll want it to be as perfect as possible, and it’s always worth spending money on getting it done right the first time by someone that does it on a regular basis.

Jobs Will Be Completed By Trained Professionals

Not only will the finished project look like it was done professionally, but the job undertaken will be done the right way. Further down the line you may want to alter the project to suit your needs, and doing so will be easy because it was professionally completed in the first place. There’s nothing worse than going back to a finished project a few months down the line and the whole job needs to be started again just to make simple alterations. Getting jobs completed professionally will save you time and money in the future.

Projects Are Completed with Clean Working Practices in Mind

All projects that are undertaken by professionals will need to be completed in conjunction with their company policies. This means that not only will the job be completed safely, but it will also be completed in the cleanest way possible so you’ll not have to worry about any mess after.

You Could Save Time & Money

Contractors are expensive to hire, so it’s not always an option to hire one for small to medium sized home improvement jobs, but it could end up saving you money in the long run if you did hire a contractor. Think of it this way, if you spent $2000 on materials to do a job at home by yourself instead of paying $3000 in total to a contractor, you could potentially save yourself $1000. However, if you end up wasting materials trying to complete a job and it doesn’t work out, then not only will you have spent $2000, but you will also likely spend another $3000 on hiring a contractor to come in and do the job for you, so sometimes it’s worth spending the extra money on a contractor knowing you are going to get it done right.

The above reasons are just some of the many reasons why it will benefit you when hiring a contractor to come in and do the work at home, and you’ll also find it will offer the same benefits when hiring contractors for commercial property maintenance. Sometimes the quote a contractor presents to you is a tough pill to swallow, but it could save you a lot of time and money if you go ahead with it.

How to Choose a Builder in North London

North London, as well as the rest of it is constantly busy. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there is always something happening, and if you go down there within normal working hours you will notice a vast array of building works going on at any one time. If you are based in North London and need some help on how to hire a builder from your local area, please read on….

The first step for anybody hiring a builder is to know what you want. The project you wish to have undertaken depends on the person you are looking for – you don’t want a plasterer turning up to build a brick wall for you do you?! Know what you need and make sure anybody you find online or contact can do exactly what you want to a good standard.

Next step after you’ve found a list of people you may wish to consider for your building works is to contact them. Builders love to talk and there is no better way than picking up the phone to speak to them. By speaking to these people, you start to get a feel for them and you can ask them any questions you like to establish whether they might be the right person/people for you. You may even arrange for them to come to the site to meet face to face and give them a better feel for what needs doing.

After this, you will need to obtain a quote. Make sure that any quotes you obtain are strictly no-obligation, meaning you aren’t tying yourself into something without fully understanding. Obtaining quotes will give you a good idea of the price ranges that you are looking to have to work within as some will charge more than others.

Once you have your quotes, research the builders further. Look online for reviews to see what other people think of them and their workmanship and also take a look at their websites, if they have them, to see what affiliations, qualifications and testimonials they have as these can all help to shape your decision as to whether they may be someone you want to work with moving forward.

Once you have a list, you can then look to shorten it down using any criteria you see fit. After all, you will know better than anyone else what you need.

Hopefully our little guide above has given you a bit of additional help when it comes to selected a North London builder as there are so many out there than it can sometimes be tough to know what to do and when.

Research is key. We hope you make a good choice and your building work is completely to your satisfaction.

The Way to Apply EIOS Thermosystem and Its Benefits


EIOS Thermosystem with the principle of avoiding condensation becomes the most effective way to build a house or building with zero moisture. By applying this new method, the building is not only stronger but also free from condensation problems such as mold and degradation. It is very important to learn more about the system to apply it maximally.

Steps to Apply EIOS Thermosystem

The first thing to know about EIOS Thermosystem is how to apply this new method to the building. There are several steps to do to apply the system perfectly and for maximal result. First, you have to prepare the flat surface you want to treat. Clean the surface from dust and any kind of grease. Second, you don’t need to apply water, air, or vapor barrier behind the thermo system. Third, start to fill the starter EIOS profile. It can be done by using EIOS adhesive paste or EIOS seal foam polyurethane foam. Don’t use screwdriver to treat the EIOS seal board. Fourth, leave the gap of the joint between non standardized EIOS seal board around 1.5 inches in the assembling process. Fifth, seal or fill the EIOS seal board and non-standardize filling joint with EIOS seal foam. When it is hard, cut and leveled the structure. Sixth, focus on the exterior joints and non-standardize joints and start to over seal them by using EIOS seal material. Seventh, this is the time to give ornament and styling the design by gluing the EIOS seal foam or the adhesive. There is also a Lamina layer to give high resistant fiberglass to the structure. Now, you are ready to use the structure and it will be dry and keep dry in any kind of condition.

The Benefits of EIOS Thermosystem

There are also several functions and benefits you can get by applying EIOS Thermosystem with the principle of avoiding condensation. Let say, the system is supported by a thermo system and it keeps the structure dry for long period of time. You will have a structure with insulation but without any side effects because the structure is free from condensation, wet condition, or any kind of extreme weather. The thermal system is also designed to keep the thermal transfer stable and consistent. As the result, the process can be done well and it means there will be no mold and degradation just like commonly found in buildings or houses built with old method. The system also helps to ensure the air tightness level as well as to prevent the air or vapor convection. The interesting part, there will be a clear separation between the interior environment and the exterior cold or hot humid environment. In this case, the heat will be transferred slowly and effectively. There will be no water absorption and moisture transfer problem anymore and at the same time you will not see mold, algae, or fungi anymore. The most important, you will not see all of the problems caused by condensation.                       

If you want to apply EIOS Thermosystem for your buildings or houses and you need more information about this new method, you can just go to There will be some interesting deals soon for the users. Just take this chance because this is only the place where you see the information.


View projects and video explainers:

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Importance of Being EPA Certified Contractor


As a contractor, not only are you doing the dirty work that consists of renovating, painting or repairing, you are also responsible for preventing unwanted lead poisoning or exposure – in order to protect the health of your clients and also the public in general. Inadequate housing is known to be one of the most played factors that could result in lead exposure. Although the number of people who are exposed to dangerous lead chemicals from inadequate housing have been steadily declining in recent years, both adults and children are still very susceptible to unwanted health effects – especially those who are living in an older housing facility. The health effects can be very disastrous, in children particularly. The primary reason is because children are known to absorb ingested lead contaminated soil and also inhale house dust due to their tendency to breathe through their mouths and also their tendency to compulsively put their hand to their mouth, leading to gastrointestinal absorption.

Home is where the harm is?

Home may be where your heart is, but if it is inadequate to live in, the harmful environment will affect your health. National Safety Council advises everyone to be aware of the danger of lead exposure, and as a contractor, you should possess an understanding and an in-depth knowledge about the potential presence of lead exposure in the construction you build as well as your work environment. You must also take precautions when you work on renovating, repairing or painting old housing facility, especially housing facilities that were built way before 1978 as lead contained materials can be found anywhere in old housing. This is the primary reason why enrolling in an EPA lead certification courses is considered as the most crucial decision you have to make in order to protect not only the public health, but also yours.

Importance of EPA lead certification

As per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (also known as EPA) mandate in its new regulation that was released on April 22nd 2010, every construction firm that wishes to get RRP (renovation, repairing, painting) projects in house facilities, educational facilities, and any other facilities constructed before 1978 must be EPA certified and comply to regulations and certain procedures in order to prevent lead contamination during the process. Renovators that have taken EPA approved renovator training and have also been certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are expected to closely follow work practices that are deemed lead-safe by the EPA.

Individuals who wish to be EPA certified contractors must first take a renovator training, and those who have taken the course in the past must take what is referred to as a refresher training. Below is a list of 4 Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule model training courses that are developed by EPA:

  • Renovator – model initial training
  • Renovator – model refresher training
  • Dust sampling technician – model initial training
  • Dust sampling technical – model refresher training

The failure to take these courses and become EPA certified when you are a contractor who handles old facilities RRP may result in a $37,500/day fine.

Something Homeowners Don’t Know They Need: Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to home renovations, anything foundation related is perhaps the most important reno you can do. The foundation is what makes all other aspects of the home fall into place, and can make or break any other work you put into your home. Thanks to that fundamental law known as gravity, a poor base to the home can lead to a chain reaction of problems from the floors, to the walls, to the roof.

Foundations often deteriorate as a result of leaks or moisture getting through. Without a proper foundation, the structure of the home isn’t held together properly. If the structure is stable, it can withstand natural forces such as earthquakes or more common things like settling, to a higher degree. Waterproofing your foundation is therefore something every homeowner should consider. Whether you own an older home or not, basement waterproofing is often not done properly during the construction process, so it is always a service you should consider.

<2016/05/Basement-Waterproofing.jpg">Basement Waterproofing

Foundations may leak for a number of reasons:

  • A congested weeping tile system due to a blockage of debris, soils or tree roots
  • Cracks
  • Separation of blocks
  • Voids where the foundation and footing meet

When waterproofing a basement foundation, the materials used should be of the best quality, and a lifetime warranty is usually the best way to go. There’s no use paying for a waterproofing job that’s not going to last, so even though it can be hard to find a company that offers a lifetime warranty, it’s worth the search.

If you’re looking for a waterproofing service, here are some specific things to make sure they offer:

  • They contact utilities before excavating
  • They begin a survey stake out
  • The foundation wall is washed down to allow a proper bond for the concrete parge
  • Cracks in the foundation are compacted with hydraulic cement
  • The wall is given a layer of concrete parging
  • The soil is backfilled and compacted to prevent settlement
  • The debris is removed
  • The surface material is reinstalled

Though many people are tempted to ignore a crack in a foundation, its stability is crucial. Basement waterproofing is necessary to prevent this cracking and ensure stability. There are many companies you can turn to regardless of where you live, but it’s important to keep in mind what specific services you need and ensure the company offers them for a good price.