Top 2 Best Embroidery Machines Reviews Guide

Adding colors and patterns to your dresses is a fun activity which makes your dresses unique from others. When you will look forward to such a dress in a market, you may get one under high price tag and sometimes none of the design is so appealing. Therefore, it is better to design your dress at home. You must be thinking that how you can add patterns to your dress. Well, it is an easy task if you own an embroidery machine. The embroidery machine is just single time investment and then you can design your own dresses at home. There is a number of brands available in the market that are offering embroidery machines to you. However, there are only a few brands that offer best embroidery machines in the market filled with all the required features. with the advancement in technology, there are many changes in the working of embroidery machines.

  1. Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine Review

If you own Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine, everything is easy for you. By using this embroidery machine, you can make highly customized designs of your own. There is a complete range of embroidery features in this machine which includes 67 sewing stitches and 98 stitch functions. You can decorate your dresses as well as your home by using this machine. When it comes to embroidery designs, there are 70 designs that are built-in the machine along with lettering fonts, frame pattern designs and beautiful designs in PC. There is an LCD display on one side of the machine which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the designs. You can also watch tutorials on the display so that you can add colors to your fabrics. No matter you are a fashion designer, crafter, and sewer this machine is perfect for all. The plate of the machine is equal to 4×4 area so that you can place the cloth on it easily. in order to reduce tension, automatic threader is included in this machine. You will not need tweezers for this purpose if you own this machine.

  1. Brother LB6800PRW – Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners Review

If you are looking out for some of the best embroidery designs, then Brother LB6800PRW is a perfect choice for you. It is one of the best embroidery machines available in the market. You can read more embroidery machine reviews online too. You can add a unique touch to your dresses by adding beautiful and decorative embellishments. There are 120 frame designs that are stored in the machine along with five letters and 70 patterns. The machine consists of USB port so that you can add other designs that are stored in the USB and can add to your dresses. A rolling bag is included along with the package of the machine so that you can store it easily and can take along with while traveling. An LCD display is also a part of this machine with tutorials so that beginners can learn embroidered machines. The manual is available in the English as well as Spanish so that everyone can read it.