Do String Lights Save Electricity?

Decorative lights can brighten up any space, from your home to your front yard. Although decorative and traditional string lights are an essential part of many homes, they can consume significant amounts of energy. According to the US Department of Energy, American Christmas lights use 6.6 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually. That’s enough power for 14 million refrigerators.

This report only considered the power consumption for Christmas lights. Add in Thanksgiving lights, Halloween lights, and string lights that are used for everyday indoor or outdoor decoration and the power consumed increases even further.

This means that the average household’s electric bill could soar during the holiday season. String lights can also be hot and increase the room’s temperature. There’s also the frustration of having one bulb go out and all the lights go dark. There is a solution to all of these problems: energy-efficient decorative lights.

Different Types of Energy-Efficient Decorative Lights

LED string lights are the most energy-efficient, as they use only a fraction of traditional Christmas lights’ energy. Cool to the touch, outdoor LED Christmas lights can last for forty seasons, and consume 75 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent lights.

Pro Tip: Our post on the benefits of LED lights is a great resource for anyone who wants to decorate with them.

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Tips to Help You Get the Best Electrical Experts

<2016/06/Tips-to-Help-You-Get-the-Best-Electrical-Experts.jpg">Tips to Help You Get the Best Electrical ExpertsElectrical energy is one of the most essential commodities in the world today. We use it in our homes, at work, on the streets, in hospitals and even schools. Without it, so many things would come to a standstill. Unfortunately, it happens every once in a while. The problem usually ranges from complex issues at the power plant to simple ones like a faulty switch. Nevertheless, regardless of the magnitude of the problem, it is always better and safe to seek professional help. Here is how you go about looking for the best technician to hire.

Check his qualifications

The first course of action in your quest for a wire circuit expert is to see if he is up to the task. Proof of qualification should be more than just his word. Find out where he undertook his training and if he passed. Ask to be shown a valid certificate from the said institution. The last thing you need is an unqualified individual playing trial and error with your system.

Are they licensed and certified?

Apart from being qualified, the person has to have valid and up to date certificates and license. You should confirm if they were actually issued by the relevant authorities. The certificate of operation will have a detailed outline of all the duties the electrician is good at and is allowed to conduct in the area. It helps validate anything you might have been told. A license on the other hand allows the person to operate legally. It just shows that the individual has been vetted and passed all the essential requirements.

Find out about their level of experience

Experience holds a lot of significance in determining the quality of work you will pay for. Somebody who has been around for a significant amount of time usually possesses more knowledge and skill. He has come across every imaginable task and dealt with different types of clients. He will know what to do in the most effective way.

Insurance cover is important

Electrical installations, repairs and maintenance services come with some level of risk. Anything can happen on the job. People might be injured or property damaged. A liability insurance cover taken by the technician shields you from incurring any form of expenses.

Impeccable personal traits

It is always good to get somebody whom you can get along with. He should have good communication skills, great work ethic, pays attention to details and is reliable.

Having the right person for the job is a guarantee to quality work and it also saves you from getting into trouble with law enforcers. Quality installations also make your home safe and improve its resale value. Therefore, part of the accomplishment in finding a reputable electrician would be when you get a qualified contractor to give you a certificate of compliance. It is one of the things any buyer would ask for before making deal. Electricians Johannesburg should be able to do all the above and much more.

Major Solutions for Electrical Problems in Your Home

As homeowners, you experience a handful of electrical problems now and then. Some of the problems are caused by humans, while others occur naturally. The core thing here is to spot the underlying problems and repair them.

Some of the problems are considered mild while others are complex, but both can equally lead to unpleasant situations. Don’t leave the electrical problem unattended since it will deteriorate and become costly for repairs. Avoid normalizing any electrical problems, however minor they could be.

Below is an overview of significant solutions for your Electrical problems:

  1. Reset and Repower

Surges are one of the leading electrical problems in your home. They are electrical spices that shoot immensely, resulting in substantial damages. Surges occur if you connect too many appliances, and your electrical system can handle them. The Installing downlights cost is cheaper when done professionally than its repairs if done in a shoddy manner.

Surges’ solution is to unplug some of the devices and reconnect them to another circuit in your house. You can go ahead and remove a device that may be causing surges; reset and repower it again. Surges are also caused by shoddy artistry; consider hiring an electrician for repairs and fixtures.

  1. Tightening the Bulb Holder

Lighting is crucial in your home. However, frequent light bulb burning is devastating and a costly affair too. You may blame your supplier, but it is not the reason, even though some of the light bulbs may be counterfeit. Your cause of the light bulb burning off could be that the bulb holder is loosened.

The holder might have been hit or moved during ceiling installation, making it loose than before. Consider seeking professional help from experts like Olympic Electrical; they can fix the problem by simply tightening the bulb holder.

  1. Wattages Limitations

People assume that extremely high wattages contribute the excessive lighting in your homes. Olympic Electricals company recommends a sixty wattage; since exceeding wattages is significantly hazardous to your appliances and yourself.

High wattages cause immense heat, leading the electrical wires to flat and melt; this can easily trigger electrical fires. Limit the wattages for your safety and to avoid damage to your appliances. It is wise to hire a qualified electrician since the process might be risky and require high skills.

  1. Replacement of Electrical Switches

Electrical Switches are prone to damage your home, thus the start of malfunctioning. Too many devices connected to a single switch will burden it, thus malfunctioning. Replace the switches to avoid more electrical faults in the house.

Again don’t repair the fixture since it can be hazardous; contact a professional electrician for repair.

  1. Rewire and Tighten your Socket

Sometimes electricity wires tend to fall out of their outlets; this is quite hazardous. The problem is common in old homes where electricity installations were done stone age, and no repairs have been done. Another leading cause for wires falling from the outlet is the shoddy installations.

The problem can only be resolved via new rewiring and tightening the sockets. Such a problem should be addressed immediately to avoid electrical shocks, electrocutions e.g.


Electrical solutions are always worth looking at and repairing, no matter how much they cost. Avoid providing electrical solutions on your own to avoid accidents in the house. Rewiring and tightening your socket to resolve wires falling from the outlet.

A malfunctioning switch requires immediate replacement since shoddy installations may have caused the malfunctioning. A simple tightening of your bulb holder will resolve the frequent burning of bulbs in your house. Remember to be safe at all times; hire a qualified electrician to offer the electrical solutions for you.

Wakefield Premier Electrical Contractors in town

<2016/09/electrical-wiring-repairs.jpg">electrical wiring & repairs

When we build a house or erect a building, one of the most important things to consider is electricity system. Electricity is very important in our life, we cannot live without it. We need to have electricity to live our life normally. When we want to have electricity for our house, office building, or factories, there are many things to do. One of them is finding the best electrical service company. We obviously need to find the one that gives us the best services that can fulfill our needs. The best electricity usually has industrial, commercial, and domestic services since those services will be the indication of their good services and great experiences. The one with those kinds of services is Wakefield Electrical Services.

Wakefield Electrical Services which has experienced employees with high standard and qualification is available for any emergency calls regarding electricity, such as electrical wiring and repairs, electrical inspection and testing, and electrical installation and maintenance. The electricians and technicians working for Wakefield Electrical Services know best about how to work on a safe and legal electricity system for their clients. You know that when it comes to electricity we need to have a great electricity system that offers us comfort and safety, right? The technicians and electricians working for Wakefield Electrical Services are also famous for their quick tackle to handle any electrical problems.

If your electricity system goes out even in late at night, you can call this company. The company will send you the best electricians and technicians to help you right away. This company is great for it is available for twenty hours a day and seven days a week. You can call them any time for electrical inspection and testing.

If you plan to build a house, then tell your architecture team to work with Wakefield Electrical Services. If you want to do it by yourself it is fine as well since they will serve you, who are busy with your work, without taking much of your time. They will guarantee you with great quality and security.

Wakefield Electrical Services Company is also available with Portable Appliance Testing. After having all electricity system set in your house, office building, or your factories, you can ask them to use this Portable Appliance Testing to test your electrical devices in those places. Get also the electrical installation and maintenance services. Any electrical tools in your factory can easily be tested by them so that you will give safe environment and tools for your employees. You and your family using electrical things in your house will feel secured as well. The people in your office buildings will definitely feel safe and happy just to have safe electricity system in their office. You will be amazed by the company’s Portable Appliance Testing tools that will be operated by their great technicians and electricians. Not to mention the price of the test. They offer you a good price for efficient and quick work with only a small risk.

Other great thing about Wakefield Electricity Services Company is that they are fine with any tailored services anytime. They can work on any electricity projects that are asked with such short time. You can learn more about them in their website that is available in internet. Good Luck!

Reasons That Require The Attention Of An Electrician

When To Call The Electrician

Life in Austin, TX is similar to most other places. You move into your house, plant roots, and get on with the business of living your life. Houses, however, are bound to develop issues over time. Many of these can be dealt with by doing a bit of research and exercising those DIY muscles. Matters involving electricity don’t fall into this category. There are a number of issues that you should avoid and leave for a local electrician.

Flickering Lights

If you ever experience flickering lights, then the electrical system in your home is probably overloaded. This typically happens when too many appliances are drawing power at the same time cause a malfunction of the lighting system. A common example of this happens when an A/C unit is switched on and the lights begin to flicker. The solution to this is attaching major appliances to their own individualized circuit. A call to an electrician skilled in electrical wiring installation Austin is the best course of action.

More Outlets Needed

Another issue that may require an electrician is to install more outlets. Today, people use more and more devices that require power. When there aren’t enough outlets, most people fall back to using extension cords to increase the number of things that can be plugged in. This is a common habit that overloads outlets and increases the possibility that a fire may occur. Electricians can readily add extra outlets so that there is enough present for the number of devices needing power.

Things Are Getting Old

The extreme increase in the number of electrical devices that are used regularly means that homes that were built years ago aren’t equipped to handle the load. Typically speaking, if your home has seen its share of years, then you’ll want to allow an electrician to do a complete and thorough inspection. Bad wiring and old circuits are usually what they will find. At best, this decreases the efficiency of the electrical system. At worst, it presents a clear and imminent fire hazard. The best course of action is to replace and upgrade the system in your home.

Electricity is the life blood of every home. It is vital for daily living that it functions properly. If you ever have an issue, you should never simply try to bypass it. It is worth the cost of an electrician to ensure that everything is working properly. Primarily for safety purposes, but also because if things are working efficiently as they should, then you could actually save some money. Don’t hesitate to call your local electrician.

Services provided by professional electricians

Electricity is the best servant but the worst master, and this is the basic reason why you need a qualified electrician. You may not know why you need one until you hire the services of one and you notice the improved electricity condition in your home.

A qualified tulsa electrician will offer the following services and maybe more.

They will perform electrical installations for your home and even your business premises. This will be done to include advanced safety measures and also get you efficient lighting technology.

After installation, a qualified electrician may perform a regular check-up for maintenance and repairs that may be necessary. This is because electricity is bound to breakages and this will put you at risk of electricity.

Qualified electricians are also well versed with electrical upgrades that your home needs to be both safe and efficient. This is with the ever-growing technological advances on how to make you safe from electrical errors.

They may also perform the installation of other electricity-related items like chandeliers, emergency lights, and even electricity. This is part of your home features that you should not put up by yourself as you will be simply putting yourself in harm’s way. An electrician has adequate knowledge to set them up in the safest of ways.

Basically, they are qualified to handle all equipment that generates, transmit and distribute electricity all through your home. You will find their effort quite mind-blowing as they are well trained and greatly experienced.

Wrapping up, qualified Tulsa electricians do more than just set up your electricity matters safely. They can also keep in touch with you to keep you well informed on the state of the electricity in your home. They take all jobs seriously so that they can perform as you expect them to.

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