The Basics for Planning a Successful House Remodel

There are several things you can do to streamline the remodeling process if you’re going to do so. Some of these tips include taking care of your pets, ensuring you are not inundated with disruptions, and creating a master list.

Creating a master list

A home remodeling project can be a rewarding endeavor. However, you’ll need a plan if you want you’re remodeling to succeed. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you through the process. One of the best sources of help is a master list. You can assemble a list of items you want to include in your remodeling plan to items you would rather avoid. This will give you a clear idea of what you can and can’t do and allow you to control the project.

Creating a master list isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Keeping a list of things to do is the best way to ensure you get everything on your home remodeling blog. This is especially important if you are doing a major remodel. It can be easy to lose track of everything you have to do.

Using a master list to your advantage effectively ensures that your project will come off as a smooth and seamless transition.

Taking care of pets

When planning a successful house remodel, you must consider your pets. This is important because many home renovation jobs generate a lot of dust and fumes that are dangerous for birds and animals. You should inform your contractor about your animal’s allergies if you have indoor pets.

You will need to find a safe and comfortable place for your pets to stay during the renovation. There are boarding facilities and family members who can watch your pet while you are at work. A dog park is another option for you and your dog. But you have to ensure your dog has the room and comfort he requires while the restoration goes on.

You can aid your dog’s adjustment to the makeover by allowing him to sniff the new area. You may want to play fetch with him. You can also set up a safety gate that will add extra protection.

When remodeling your home, please keep your pets following regular feeding and exercise routines. Your pet should continue getting up simultaneously, walking, and eating.


Landscaping can boost your property’s value, but it’s essential to ensure you do it right. A well-designed landscape can add thousands to the appraised value of your home. A few key elements include plants, trees, and water features.

When choosing the right plants for your yard, consider the sun and shade conditions. Your landscape may need more or less water, depending on the location. Also, think about the type of soil your yard has. Poorly-drained areas can become extremely dry, so you need to consider plants that will withstand such conditions.

The size of the plants you choose should be large enough to screen unsightly views and provide privacy. These are essential features if you have close neighbors. Likewise, it would help if you thought about the size of the plants you need for walkways and patios.

You should choose a site with proper sunlight and adequate drainage. A poorly-drained area can become drought-stricken, so you’ll need to invest in drainage improvements.

A Few Ways to Avoid Stress during a Home Renovation Project

Many families have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with almost a nightmare situation when renovating their home. They went into the project only thinking about how beautiful the end results would be. Along the way many different things arise that can cause the entire family to feel almost on the brink of insanity. The following tips can help families as they begin and go through a home renovation project.

It is extremely important for a person to understand how much everything is going to cost, from start to finish. Unfortunately, misunderstandings regarding the true cost of the project can put a serious damper on the entire project. When you work with an experienced professional, the contractor is going to make sure they truly understand your budget. Make sure you request transparency. Understand how much everything will cost, including renting equipment, transportation, the cost of hiring subcontractors, and delays that might arise. Regularly check with the contractor to find out if the project is staying on budget to resolve any financial issues that arise.

Most home renovation projects are not going to be done overnight. Some of them are quite lengthy, which means that your normal routine is likely going to be disrupted. Plan ahead for this. For example, if you are having your kitchen renovated, you want to consider how you will make meals or where food will be stored.

While good contractors are going to try to keep the mess to a minimum, there is no doubt about the fact that renovation projects are messy. One way to avoid the stress created with messy renovations is to use products that keep dust and other messes to a bare minimum. You can look online at the products offered by Trimaco Total Jobsite Protection and click here to see the types of products they offer. They offer things that can help families with general home-improvement challenges, like heavy duty surface protection, masking paper, and flooring papers.

It is important to be realistic when it comes to making changes during the project. Of course, you want the project to turn out in a way that you and your family will truly be pleased with. However, when you constantly change the materials that are used or other details, this is going to increase the expense of the project as well as cause the project to take longer than originally planned. Make sure you have a clear picture in mind before starting the project. Communicate well with the contractor as the project goes on to be sure the individual understands any changes you would like to have made. Transparency is key when it comes to making this type of project as stress-free as possible.

Increasing Your Iowa Home’s Value

Iowa is a wonderful place to live, a great place to raise a family, and a smart place to buy a home. Iowa home values are on the rise, and buying a home is often the smarter financial decision given the value of mortgage payments relative to rent.

When you buy your own home, you’ll own a valuable asset that can become more valuable over time if you take care of your investment. To some degree, whether or not your home increases (or even maintains) its value is beyond your control — it’s determined in part by variables like the national and international economy, the national and local real estate market, and complex market trends locally.

There are plenty of factors that can impact your home’s value are well within your control, however. In fact, every Iowa homeowner should be doing these things in order to maintain and even increase the value of their property:

Be proactive about home maintenance

The single most important thing that you can do in order to help your home maintain its value is to be proactive about your maintenance and repair needs. Homes can depreciate in value when they age, because they can become run-down. Even if the real estate beneath your feet is becoming more valuable, the structure around you could be depreciating, as older homes tend to have more problems.

Your home will have far fewer problems if you invest in preventative maintenance, though. Preventative maintenance aims to reinforce your home’s defenses against problems with its structure and vital systems.

Problems with your home won’t get better on their own — they’ll only get worse. And even if you repair issues, the strain that they caused could make your home more troublesome to care for down the line. Ultimately, it’s always more cost-effective to tackle repairs immediately and invest in preventative maintenance. With this, you’ll better preserve the value of your home.

Invest in high-impact remodeling projects

When homes age, the begin to look worn and potentially dilapidated. Not all areas of the home appear to age at the same rate, though. While there are certainly ways for bedrooms and living rooms to look out of date, the quickest way to tell how old a home is may be to look at the kitchen or the bathroom.

With all of their fixtures, kitchens and bathrooms can look dated very quickly. Kitchens, in particular, are prone to lagging behind big changes in layout preferences and improvements in household appliances.

You can expect the cost of a remodel to be taken into account by folks who make offers for your home. That’s why you should consider focusing on these areas for the most cost-effective remodeling projects. Especially right before you decide to sell, updating a bathroom or kitchen can have a huge economic impact when marketing your home.

Create more useable space

Your house’s square footage and your property’s acreage are big factors in your home’s value. But not all spaces are created equal, and a home can become much more valuable when its space is made more useful.

Take your basement, for instance, say experts in basement remodeling Des Moines. An unfinished basement doesn’t serve much of a purpose beyond storage space, but a finished one can be a wonderful thing. A finished basement is the perfect spot for a playroom, a bar, or a man cave. It can host guest bedrooms, exercise rooms, and more.

Similarly, you can expand into your outdoor space. Iowa summers are perfect for grilling, so why not invest in a patio, a deck, or even a whole outdoor kitchen? Creating more useable and more enjoyable space is another great way to boost the value of your home here in Des Moines.

Reasons it’s Time to Reinvent Your Home With a Remodel

If you’ve recently purchased an older home or have been living in your current home for quite some time now, you may find yourself seriously considering completing an overhaul of your space. This may be because of sizing issues, a lack of naked/raw space or because you simply don’t like how things are laid out right now. Whatever your reason is, it’s been decided that it’s time to reinvent your home and make it fit your personality and needs better.

The space is just not functional

Sometimes due to how a room is spaced out, you’ll find that it’s just not functional enough for everyday use. This is generally the case with kitchens that are bordered by walls instead of opened up with a breakfast counter or an island. Because kitchens are used a few times a day, every day of the week, it’s essential to have a space that makes sense when you’re preparing dishes, cooking meals and serving to guests. If your kitchen is a tight space that could easily be opened up, it’s a smart idea to go forward with your project. You’ll also find that opening up a kitchen is favorable in home sales, meaning that you might find your home value shoot up.

Your rooms are too small

Another factor that makes homeowners turn to renovation projects is the size of each bedroom. Sometimes the amount of space in each bedroom isn’t really large enough for growing kids. This is because over time, children take up more space and need larger, longer beds and more storage for both their clothes and other possessions such as toys and hobby items. Once all of the new items are placed in a room, walking space can become extremely limited, prompting for a remodel of some sort. Generally a wall is pushed back to add more area in a room.

The design is old and dated

Old houses mean old designs. This can range from the kitchen to how the bathroom is set up, especially those with outdated and small bathtubs. Generally speaking, homeowners want a larger tub to soak in and relax in after a long day of work. This can also be said of the shower and some of the older versions are very small, making you feel as if you’re going to bump into each wall or the shower curtain with every turn.

Living rooms sometimes come with built in entertainment centers as well. Since these were built into the home during another generation, you generally can’t do much with them, let alone put your new flatscreen TV on them.

The above reasons are the main reasons why people generally choose to remodel their home with the help of contractors. If your reasons fall in line with those listed below, you’re ready to take the next step and create your dream space.

Exterior Home Renovation Options To Increase Property Curb Appeal

There are so many things that we want to take into account when the main wish is to increase curb appeal. However, when looking at what people tend to forget, property exterior is high on the list. Home exterior needs to be beautiful and attractive for the interested buyer. According to, a home exterior needs to be strong to protect against elements and exterior elements but also beautiful and welcoming.

Exterior Home Renovation Projects

Most of the home renovation projects are seen by the owners as DIY jobs. This is normally a big mistake. We say this because experience is definitely what helps the most in making great choices. You will want to meet contractors and talk about all the options that become available according to your budget. Here are some really good areas that you can do some work on.

Front Doors

A home’s entrance is the very first thing that is seen when people go to your home. When the front door is damaged and dull, the entire home will lose curb appeal. You should seriously consider painting it whenever it is necessary. When you have a front door that is broken, replacing it or repairing it becomes necessary. That also increases safety.


A driveway is really important because it does automatically improve home appearance. When you see that the driveway is broken, it is practically impossible to have a positive overall impression. To make matters even worse, accidents can happen. You need to be sure driveways are repaired. Installing new pavers is something that is going to help out a lot. You can even install heated driveways if this is something that you can afford since it is particularly useful during winters.


From a distance it is the exterior walls that you see. When these are dirty and dull you end up with mildew and mold. Health problems can appear for the family and you will have no real idea why. Contractors are needed to paint walls, clean them and repair all cracks that appear. Painting is particularly important for curb appeal increase. High quality paint is always recommended because it will last for a longer period while also protecting the structural integrity of the property.


The lawn area needs to be well-maintained and offers a great appearance. Home renovation contractors can be contacted to gain some ideas about lawns. You can always grow flowers and plants to make the area more beautiful but there are various other beautiful features that could be considered.

Repairing While Renovating

A really important thing that can be considered is to repair while you renovate. This will make it a lot easier to make the home a lot better while you make its appearance more attractive. It is really important that you consider this option since you do work anyway. There would be no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity to make the home sturdier. You can always make great appearance modifications but this does not mean you have to neglect structural integrity.


Different Home Renovations That You Cannot Perform Alone Because Of Legal Problems

So many homeowners out there do what they can in order to reduce costs as renovations are done. This is completely normal. In order to be able to reduce costs most people decide to do most of the work alone. This is not actually a good idea. You want to be sure you are going to always check the law in order to see exactly what is permitted and what is not. Legal prohibitions do exist so you need to be aware of them at all times. Check out for some great examples of what is available. Many others exist but what are you allowed to do and what should you not do?

There are always really good reasons why you are not permitted to perform some work alone. This does include light fixture installation, electrical work, large tree removal, fuel conversions, animal removal, asbestos removal and so much more. You should never do electric work alone, gas lines should not be installed by you and there is a lot more. Always be sure that you contact licensed and trained professionals whenever you need to perform any of the following renovations.

Lead Paint Removal

The old homes that were created before the year 1980 are most likely going to include lead based paint. This has to be removed and needs to be done in a safe way. This means you require proper training, licenses, tools and knowledge. Lead is basically deadly so specialized removal methods are needed in order to guarantee safety.

Replacing Water Heaters

When improperly handled the hot water heaters are going to be extremely dangerous. Make sure that you only work with professionals whenever you install or replace heaters. Professionals need to be licensed. Code obedience is needed, together with managing fuel lines and performing electrical work that is sensitive.

Replacing Garage Door Springs

When you look online you will find so many articles written about how to replace garage door springs. They make it seem really simple but that is completely incorrect. In reality, you will be faced with huge problems when you do not know everything about the process. As time passes the spring in your garage door can lose tension. Replacement will be needed. The problem is that when you make a mistake you can easily end up with the spring flying towards your body. Serious injuries can happen.

Removing Walls

Nowadays, open floor concepts are highly popular. They obviously involve knocking down some homes. Unfortunately, some of the walls that would be taken down by the owners can bring in structural integrity problems. We have walls that have the main function of offering structure safety while others can be taken down. How can you know which is which? You need to work with professionals in order to make a good choice and see what walls can be taken down and what walls should remain standing.

It is very important that you are careful. Some of the renovations you will want to do can be dangerous and illegal. Do not expose yourself to failure!

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen can be exciting as you consider all of the possibilities for transforming the heart of the home. Creating a more user-friendly space where it is easy to cook and comfortable to relax is generally the main purpose behind a kitchen renovation. The right flooring is essential to achieving these goals, but can also help you to establish a specific style and feel in your kitchen and even your home as a whole. There are many things that should be taken into consideration to help you select your perfect flooring.


Photo: HGTV

Flooring Materials

There are several different flooring materials to choose from, including:

  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl

Array of Choices

To narrow the search, it may be best to first select the material that fits best with your needs and then move on to selecting the colors and styles. For each type of flooring material, there is a vast array of different options to choose from. There are nearly limitless options to help you customize your kitchen to fit your needs and tastes exactly.

Resilience and Cleaning Ease

Since the kitchen is where most of the cooking and at least some of the eating gets done, it is highly likely that there will be spills, messes, and tracked grime. To save some headaches, it is best to select flooring that is very easy to clean and will not stain or otherwise be ruined by regularly being exposed to water and messes.

Durability and Life Expectancy

Once you have gone to the trouble to replace your kitchen floors, you want those floors to last as long as possible. Kitchens are often the area in the home with the most traffic, so be sure to select flooring that will not be easily scuffed or damaged by excessive use. If you are unsure about which styles of flooring are the most durable, consult an expert at your local flooring store.


While tile is often thought of as the ideal material to use for kitchen floor, tile can be uncomfortable for those that stand on the kitchen floor many hours per day preparing meals. Over time, uncomfortable flooring may even take its toll on the legs, ankles, and feet, causing health issues.

Instead of tile, it may be better to consider wood flooring or other softer options for kitchens that are used daily for meal preparation. It can be difficult to recognize at a glance how hard or soft a type of flooring may be when it is installed, so expert opinions may be invaluable.



Style and Appearance

The color and patterns of the kitchen floor can make the room look rustic, homey, modern, elegant, or utilitarian. Make sure that you consider the color of the room and the other appliances so that the floor matches and compliments your other décor.


Many DIY home renovators underestimate how much it will cost to replace flooring. In order to get a realistic estimate, you should measure the floor and determine square footage, and then figure out how much the flooring of your dreams will cost. Make sure to take into consideration the cost for needs such as grout, underlayment, adhesive, needed tools, and anything else that may be required for installation.



Hiring Contractor for Home Renovation Calgary


Renovation project is needed when you want to transform your house to be more accommodative to the family’s present and future needs. For example, the house is too old that it requires touch of modernization or your kids are growing up that they need more accommodative spaces for their activities. Home renovation project can improve the quality of a house as a residential space and it also helps to maintain and even improve its value as an asset.

Home renovation project is a big project. It would require big resources including big project. But what more important is making sure that the result will really meets the purposes and expectations. This is the reason why home renovation project must be carefully planned and executed. Having the right contractor to trust will be very crucial. Here in Calgary, looking for a home renovation contractor may not be difficult because you can find numbers of them from local directory alone. But to find the best one to trust and to hire, that’s a different challenge. When it comes to home renovations Calgary, it is highly recommended to seek recommendation and references about a trusted renovation contractor. It is also important to gather information about the contractors and compare them. This may need efforts and time but all the troubles are worth to try.

When choosing a home renovation contractor to hire, credentials are everything. The contractor must be a licensed one and compliant with local regulations. This is important to make sure the contractor and its services will meet quality, safety, and building standards. It is also important that the contractor is accredited by professional associations in the industry or accredited for its responsible business practices. Credential also means the contractor has seasoned experiences with good reputation. Get reference and feedback from those currently renovating their house to learn how good the contractor they hired.

Home renovation is quite a lose term. It can cover many different renovation works for different types of rooms. General contractor would be suitable choice to handle exterior and interior structural renovation including adding or expanding room or interior space while for more specific renovation work, it would be better to hire a more specialized contractor. Like when you want to focus on kitchen renovation, you need to make sure the contractor you want to hire has the expertise, experience, and resources to handle the work. While the contractor handles the structural renovation, it is also an option if you want to find different supplier for custom cabinets Calgary or you want to consult with interior designer to help planning the new kitchen decoration.

No matter which option you like to choose, be sure you ask for quote or cost estimation for the project. When you find the cost is reasonable, you can hire the contractor. Be sure that the contract is a bonded and the project is insured. This is important to ensure your rights are protected including protection against possible liabilities related to the project. That’s how you can find the right contractor for home renovation.

5 Things to Consider When Remodelling a Holiday Property

When remodelling a holiday property, there are various factors that you will need to take into consideration. Here are five important things to think about.

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Check the Fine Print

Before getting started, it is important that you aware of all the legal obligations that are required, especially if the property is in another country. It is important that you do as much research as possible before remodelling a holiday property abroad as there will be local laws and regulations that may differ to those in your own country. There are various factors that you will need to take into consideration such as whether planning permission is required.

Find Project Manager

It is important that you find a project manager who speaks the same language as you. Remodelling a property can take a long time and you will need to engage and work with others to get the job done, so it is vital that you can all communicate effectively with one another. Finding a project manager is beneficial for numerous reasons. If you are not able to be on site at all times, your project manager will be able to give you updates on the proceedings.

Plan Ahead

Remodelling a property in another country is a lot more stressful than you think. Not only do you need to abide by completely different rules, but you will also need to have a budget in place that can help give you structure throughout the process. Make sure that you have a renovation schedule in place that can help you outline every aspect of the task from start to finish. That way, you will feel more confident and comfortable throughout. Also, be aware that things may go wrong. It is best to expect the unexpected, so you can be ready for any potential problems that could occur. There are various remodelling tips that you can incorporate into your project.


Another factor that you will need to take into consideration is maintenance when the project is finished. Once your holiday property is complete, there may be various maintenance works that need to be carried out, so you will need to work out whether a caretaker could be the right option for you. The role of a caretaker is to look after your property and keep it in tip-top condition whilst you are away.

Take Your Time

Most importantly, take your time when remodelling a holiday property. Rushing things can result in irreparable damage, so it is vital that you have a structure in place and try not to do too many things at once. Starting a new project should be exciting, so although aspects of the project will be stressful, it will be worthwhile once it is completed. Once you have finished remodelling, you will be able to put your Pattaya condo for rent.

Having a plan in place for your remodelling project is incredibly important so you can keep track of what needs to be done and when. Taking all the factors listed into consideration will benefit you in the long run and ensure your remodelling project goes accordingly to plan.




How to Cut Through the Madness to Plan an Organized Remodeling Project

The number one question homeowners ask when planning a remodeling project is “how can I make it through a remodeling project with my sanity intact?” Remodeling projects are not without their peculiar hassles and as a result they are quite the dreaded event. However, with proper planning, any remodeling project can be a smooth process, from the minute the workers come traipsing around on the property till they pack up their tools to leave when the job is completed. Then you can start deciding on the finishing and evaluate if your furniture could use some repair services.

Leave Ample Time to Plan a Remodel

There’s so much that goes into planning a remodel that a reasonable amount of time is required to make it work smoothly. Leaving your remodel till crunch time has the exact opposite effect. You could be left running around like a headless chicken when you are short on time. With proper time given, you can contact the necessary workers who are going to be in charge of your project and have as many lengthy discussions as necessary to come to an agreement about your project.

Create time to choose a design professional and have a face-to-face meeting. Depending on the number of companies you are interviewing, this stage could take a lot more time than envisioned, so it needs to be done early. You will therefore have the opportunity to find out from the companies about their services, and understand their processes to decide if their offers are in line with your expectations. Another important factor is to find out the company offering the best quality at a price you can afford.

Prepare the ground

The part of your house where remodeling will be going on should be prepped long before the work men arrive. Pack up the space and neatly remove its contents to a safe place where they can remain until you are ready to move them back in. P2P Moving provides a great warehouse storage option where you can safely store your possessions while your home undergoes a remodeling.

Besides the major benefit of preparing the ground – which is being prepared and avoiding a mad rush – you can easily sort through the items you removed to choose only the necessary ones that would suit your new space. This means that you will have more space in your new extension, with less junk to scatter around the place.

Don’t Wait To Pay

Most homeowners believe that they have to hold on till the last nail has been hammered in by the builder into their property before they pay the contractors for their service. While contractors and homeowners can have different arrangements concerning payments, it is usually the owner’s prerogative where a legal payment agreement is not signed.

Typically, payment confirms that a job can be started, and barring other naturally occurring delays such as a heavy rain or something even worse, you can usually begin a remodeling project in your home at the agreed date.

When you officially pay a contractor for his services, you commit him to the job. Most contractors hate to disappoint their clients and will typically go out of their way to get the job done. This way, having to deal with contractors who leave your job halfway through and go off to start working on another project at the other end of the town.

These three steps, when carried out long before the actual remodeling is to commence will help you to cut through the crazy rush that makes remodeling a dreaded word for many homeowners. Leaving a lot of planning time before the remodel date, preparing the space for work and prompt payment are three major ways to carry out more organized home remodeling project.