The Way to Apply EIOS Thermosystem and Its Benefits


EIOS Thermosystem with the principle of avoiding condensation becomes the most effective way to build a house or building with zero moisture. By applying this new method, the building is not only stronger but also free from condensation problems such as mold and degradation. It is very important to learn more about the system to apply it maximally.

Steps to Apply EIOS Thermosystem

The first thing to know about EIOS Thermosystem is how to apply this new method to the building. There are several steps to do to apply the system perfectly and for maximal result. First, you have to prepare the flat surface you want to treat. Clean the surface from dust and any kind of grease. Second, you don’t need to apply water, air, or vapor barrier behind the thermo system. Third, start to fill the starter EIOS profile. It can be done by using EIOS adhesive paste or EIOS seal foam polyurethane foam. Don’t use screwdriver to treat the EIOS seal board. Fourth, leave the gap of the joint between non standardized EIOS seal board around 1.5 inches in the assembling process. Fifth, seal or fill the EIOS seal board and non-standardize filling joint with EIOS seal foam. When it is hard, cut and leveled the structure. Sixth, focus on the exterior joints and non-standardize joints and start to over seal them by using EIOS seal material. Seventh, this is the time to give ornament and styling the design by gluing the EIOS seal foam or the adhesive. There is also a Lamina layer to give high resistant fiberglass to the structure. Now, you are ready to use the structure and it will be dry and keep dry in any kind of condition.

The Benefits of EIOS Thermosystem

There are also several functions and benefits you can get by applying EIOS Thermosystem with the principle of avoiding condensation. Let say, the system is supported by a thermo system and it keeps the structure dry for long period of time. You will have a structure with insulation but without any side effects because the structure is free from condensation, wet condition, or any kind of extreme weather. The thermal system is also designed to keep the thermal transfer stable and consistent. As the result, the process can be done well and it means there will be no mold and degradation just like commonly found in buildings or houses built with old method. The system also helps to ensure the air tightness level as well as to prevent the air or vapor convection. The interesting part, there will be a clear separation between the interior environment and the exterior cold or hot humid environment. In this case, the heat will be transferred slowly and effectively. There will be no water absorption and moisture transfer problem anymore and at the same time you will not see mold, algae, or fungi anymore. The most important, you will not see all of the problems caused by condensation.                       

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