A Deadbolt May Be the Key to Your Home Security

Statistically, at least one burglary takes place every hour across the world. In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, more than 50 homes will have been broken into in the US alone, as well as an equally appalling number in the UK. Consider an instance. On Monday 26 March, a man was arrested in connection with a number of thefts and burglaries in Brighton, UK. From his burglary activities alone, he stole items worth £22,700 within 5 days. Imagine how many more of such criminals roam about.

Statistics show that more than 30% of burglars gain entry through the front door and an even greater percentage do so as a result of forced entry. The front door of a home is the primary target of any illegal intrusion and almost certainly the first place a burglar will try. It’s therefore important that this part of your home features a door that can’t easily be compromised.

There are many things you can do to increase the security potential of your home. For instance, you could get a guard dog, install a home security system, or even hire someone to sit at your gate screening visitors; as effective as those methods might seem though, not everyone can afford them. However, locksmiths all over the world agree that a serious deterrent to break-ins and a strong home security investment is a deadbolt.

A deadbolt comprises a steel bolt that enters the door jamb and metal strike plate in a door frame. There are different types of deadlocks, but the most common is the single cylinder variant. This is usually operated by a knob on the inside of the door and a key entry on the outside. This means that the door can only be locked with a key once the owner is outside, thus preventing unauthorised entry. A less common option is the double cylinder deadbolt, which doesn’t feature a knob and requires a key for both the inside and outside of the door.

Just how secure are deadbolts?

A huge number of break-ins that occur are successful because the intruder was able to use force to gain entry into the premises. They usually do this by ramming or kicking in the door. Typically, when this is attempted, the door itself very rarely breaks, but it’s the door jamb that’s compromised. This is because the door jamb is often the weakest part of your door security.

According to experts at KC Brighton Locksmith, “a deadbolt boosts your security by making the door harder to force open, because of the steel bolt that is held in place against the strike plate in the door frame when the deadbolt is engaged.” If the steel bolt does not extend fully to the metal strike plate in the door frame, then the whole point of a deadbolt is moot. It’s prudent therefore to make sure the strike plate is directly reinforced into the frame of the house, so that even if the door jamb splinters, the frame will still hold. “A deadbolt provides a lot more than prevention against brute force, as it’s also effective against the popular break-in system of using a credit card to slide and raise the bolt.”

Which deadbolt should you choose?

Locksmiths all agree that installing a deadbolt is an inexpensive way of equipping your home with added security, but which is the right one to choose? As earlier indicated, there are two main types of deadbolts: the more common single cylinder deadbolt and the less common double cylinder deadbolt.

The truth is that both deadbolts are equally effective as a security measure for your home, but it’s important to point out that there are features of each that might affect your choice.

Firstly, a single cylinder deadbolt isn’t ideal for doors that have glass panels. This is because a burglar can simply break the glass panel, reach in through the opening and unlock the door with the knob from the inside. Of course, there is always a chance the intruder will be caught before completing this daring move, but who is willing to take that risk? While there’s no chance of this happening with a double cylinder deadbolt, there is the problem of speed in the event of a fire or any other emergency, because a key will be required to open the door from the inside. One solution is to use reinforced glass or changing the door to one where the glass isn’t so close to the knob, but maybe positioned towards the top of the door.

It might be a good idea to hire an expert to install the deadbolt to your door, so you can be certain of a professional and proper job. Ultimately, regardless of the deadbolt you opt for, installing one is a worthy investment that could be the difference between the security of your property and a lot of regret further down the line.

Fascinating facts you didn’t know about locks and keys

Locks, they’ve been around since all of us existed. They’re pretty standard nowadays and you might think you know all there is to know about locks and keys, but in this post, we’ve put together a list of the most fascinating facts that you might not know, that will make you look at locks and keys, a little differently than you did before!

#1: They’re old

Considering new locks come into the market every day, it might come as a shock to realize just how old locks really are! The very first lock, is said to have been made by the Egyptians, some 4,000 years ago! Of course, they didn’t look like the locks we have today, and most were just made out of ropes, but that’s where they came from!

#2: The ancient key keepers, aren’t who you’d expect

Considering how bad gender equality is even in 2021, you’d think that in ancient times, the key keepers would also be men in power, but that’s not the case! In historic times, including Ancient Rome and the Viking era, it was the women who’d be the key keepers, and not the men! They’d even wear the rings as jewelry to show off their power!

#3: Keys haven’t always been simple tools
Today, keys serve one purpose, to open locks, but that wasn’t always the case. In ancient times, throughout history, keys have been used as a status symbol. They were worn and showed off by the rich because they represented that they had a lot to “lock away”, as homes were not locked back then, instead, they were guarded!

#4: Being a magician wasn’t Houdini’s first job

We all know Henry Houdini as the greatest magician to have ever lived. It may come as a surprise that being a magician wasn’t his first calling, instead, he was a locksmith! Using the sleight of hand and the art he learned from his time as a locksmith, he was able to break through and become a successful magician!

#5: Bobby pins aren’t as good as keys

Even though movies and pop culture, in general, make it seem like bobby pins are the best tool to use if you don’t have access to keys, they’re actually not. They’re just convenient to always have on hand, which makes them great for fiction. In reality, a lot of locks are simply too small for the pins to even fit through!

#6: Not all locksmiths are human

Even though it makes sense for humans, who made the locks and know the way they function, to be able to pick locks, we’re not the only ones with the know-how. Birds can pick locks too! At least, one special parrot called “Magic”. In 2014, Magic picked two locks that were holding him in his cage while his owners were away on vacation. Embodying Houdini, in feathered form.

#7: Fort Knox is secure for a reason

Fort Knox is where a lot of the US Government stores its gold. This type of treasure can’t just be kept under a regular lock and key. The locks for the building, each and every one of them, are changed every day. So every single staff member that works there, has to get a new code, every morning! Inconvenient, but super secure!

#8: A strong lock is nothing without the right locksmith

Today, there are hundreds of different types of locks available in the markets. A lot of these locks are super strong, virtually unbreakable, but, they’re not just going to provide you crazy security on their own, they need to be fitted properly. Locksmith Queens, or a recommended locksmith in your area, will be able to properly fit your locks, which is the way to ensure their proper functionality!

What Exactly is a ‘Smart Home’? Your Top Questions Answered

About two decades ago, an example of a smart home gadget may have only been a timer for an outdoor spotlight which would turn on at a specific time. But nowadays, the definition of a smart home has become quite different – definitely a lot more advanced. Smart homes are becoming more popular with homeowners, especially those who rely on gadgets and technology every single day. In fact, over a quarter of consumers currently have some sort of smart home appliance or gadget in their homes, and almost half of people aged between 18 and 34 years old have already adopted smart home technology. But what exactly is a smart home? How is it really defined? Here, your top questions are answered.

The definition of a smart home

The definition of a smart home is actually quite simple. A smart home is a home that is equipped with products and components which are connected to a particular network (for example, products which are connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or other networks). This connection to a network allows you to control, automate, and optimise various functions in your home. These functions include the temperature, the security, the lighting, the entertainment, and the safety. If you can control, automate, or optimise these various functions with the use of a phone, a computer, a tablet, or another kind of system located within the home, then you have a smart home.


With a smart home installation, you should be able to control the different functions of your home remotely, through either a portal or a special app which you can access through your mobile phone or tablet. Devices which are smart-enabled should be able to run and operate in collaboration with other gadgets or devices in your home, and they should be able to communicate with other devices as well.

Examples of smart-enabled devices

The variety of devices which can be smart-enabled is increasingly expanding. Today, virtually all devices in any home can be smart-enabled, and this includes refrigerators, dryers and laundry machines, and even ovens. Of course, smaller components such as lighting can be enabled as well, and your heating and boiler system can also be smart-enabled, along with your home entertainment and audio system, your security and alarm system, and other electronic devices and appliances.

What a smart home needs to have

The home should have a smart feature (such as a security feature, a temperature control feature, and more) in addition to having a good connection to the Internet. To adhere to the definition of a smart home, the home must also have two other features (at a minimum) from a host of ‘smart’ features or options which include entertainment, appliances, lighting, safety detectors or gadgets, outdoor sensors, window and door sensors, and so on.


Image attributed to Pixabay.com


Commercial Locksmith Near Me- Why Us?


We understand that finding the right commercial locksmith is not exactly a walk in the park. With all the phony businesses and scams going around, you might not be that confident about the results that come up when you look up commercial locksmith near me’. So what is it about out locksmith business that sets us above the rest as Las Vegas’s very best commercial locksmith business? Below are five reasons.

1. We are skilled

The locksmiths are all sufficiently trained and equipped to ensure that all of your locksmith needs are met. Whether it is something as simple as re-keying a traditional lock or configuring a voice activated safe, our locksmiths will ensure that you get results that you will be more than happy with. 

2. We are experienced

One of the most important aspects of successful commercial locksmithing is experience and we have it in plenty. Having worked with many different businesses, we know just what to do and how to customize different locks and security settings to suit your needs as the client. The experience also allows us to offer you high quality services with locks that are not only easy to use and convenient but also highly secure. 

3. Your satisfaction is out number one priority

We believe that the client’s happiness is the true mark of a successful locksmith project and will therefore strive to give you results that are satisfactory. We do this not only by offering a wide range of high quality services but also ensuring that you have round the clock access to services. That way, even in emergency situations you can rest assured that you will get great commercial locksmith services without being exploited. 

4. We are certified

Our locksmith business is certified and permitted to operate in and around Las Vegas. The locksmith you will be assigned has an ID and documents to prove that they are permitted to work. This certification is proof that you and your building are in safe and qualified hands with our locksmith business. The certification also helps put your mind at ease as you do not have to worry about scams or phony transactions with us. 

5. We are insured

Finally, you can trust our business as the best commercial locksmith near you as we are bonded and insured. This comes in handy for us and for you as the insurance covers any damage repairs or replacements that may be required as a result of our services. The insurance also covers damages and personal injury to our locksmiths relieving you of any form of liability. All you have to do is point at the problem and let us fix it without having to worry about anything. 


With all these reasons, there is no denying the fact that your business and all your commercial locksmith needs are in the right hands with us. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that you will get value for your money and then some. So whether you want biometrics for your research lab or a keycard lock system for your hotel chains, you can count on us for amazing results. 

Interesting About the Electronic Locks for Door

<2016/06/Interesting-About-the-Electronic-Locks-for-Door.png">Interesting About the Electronic Locks for Door

The latest in cutting-edge technology in the sector are without doubt the locks without wires or electronic, totally independent that control in real time access and allow you to monitor the doors.

Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS Electronic locks a software inserted in the electronic systems of opening the locks, can communicate the information that is processed as can be, day and time of the user access, attempted assault, battery status of the system, opening in shifts. It is also possible to update any information that may be required of the software. The security Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS offer is kind of electronic locks is the main advantage they present, are economic since they do not require any cable and are configured in a single site.

Given its autonomy can function perfectly well if a failure occurs in its radio frequency, for which the protection of the building remains and is not affected. Recommended by professionals in the metalwork, are easy to fit and can be found in the different prices depending on the higher or lower security you need.

A great technological resource Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS within the reach of all is the domotics, provides maximum protection and all this with a remote control. An easy way, as well as practice for the comfort of all the inhabitants of the home or business where it is installed.

Are distinguished because it can warn about intruders, simulate that there are people in the interior, close promptly blinds but also insurance openings several, detect principles of fires and leaks, control everything for the tranquility of its owner.

The Schlüsseldienst Berlin BBS trained technicians, can install them in any address is of new construction or renovated, with sensors that are those that indicate the parameters of gas leakage or water and measure the ambient temperature.

In the current market there are several options, are distinguished the thermostat to measure heat or cold to the stay and can be programed.

The smoke detectors, to unauthorized persons, humidity probe (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) with respect to the actuators, prevent damage to equipment and facilities, can be: sirens for alarms, counters, solenoid valves and others.

Locksmith Marietta and Car Lock Repairs

Locksmiths play a major role in solving the car lock problems, including the lock repair, replacement, and installation. Premium locksmith Marietta has the latest tools for car lock repairing. Car lock gets issues for several reasons, like when the car door gets jammed, or it’s broken, or the lock is sticking, etc. The locksmith in Marietta GA can help with the car lock repair, car lock replacement, trunk lock replacement or repair, car boot, broken door latches, and the central lock system repair.

Broken or Damaged Lock

It often happens that the lock mechanism stops working and you need the locksmith services Marietta. Our technician will remove the lock and repair it with suitable tools. It’s not that the entire car lock system gets damaged, but only one lock may need repairing. Security door locks are also available at the Premium Locksmith Marietta at cheap rates.

Car Lock Needs Replacement

When the car lock is so damaged that you can’t repair it, then it has to be replaced. Premium Marietta Locksmith GA has efficient workers who can replace your car lock in just a little time. You will not need the new keys; instead, we will provide you a new lock according to your car keys. We have locks for all types of old and new car models. Our well-trained car key locksmith is always there to help you.

Car Lock Repair Cost

The price varies with every locksmith and depends on the nature of the damage and car model. Premium locksmith Marietta GA offers affordable rates for the car lock repair. You can also get quotes from other locksmith companies to compare them with our price. If you want a cheap locksmith in Marietta service, then Premium Locksmith should be your first choice.

What to Do When Locked Out?

We often get annoyed due to the keys locked in car, and we are locked out of the car. This can happen to any vehicle, and Premium Locksmith provides the emergency locksmith services right on the location where you are looked out. Whether day or night, you can contact us and we will give you the new keys to open the car lock. There are several reasons that you get locked out of your vehicle; the keys are locked inside, your car keys are lost, keys are broken, the responder chip is damaged and you need reprogramming, the vehicle door latch gets stuck, or the car door lock is broken. Our technician will reach you instantly and will unlock the vehicle without damaging your car. A 24 hour locksmith Marietta service is specially designed to meet your requirements.

Sometimes you don’t have a spare key and you are locked out of the car; in such cases, we will give you a new key according to the car lock. You name your car lock and key problem, and we will handle it fast. Sometimes, the car keys don’t work but don’t worry; our worker will diagnose the issue and will provide you the new keys. You don’t need to search for a mobile locksmith here and there because Premium locksmith Marietta GA is here to serve you. The company has gained a good reputation due to its professionalism and dedicated team. Premium locksmith in Marietta GA offers fast and affordable services to all its customers. You can also get an online quote to get a fast locksmith service.

Free DIY tips on installing your own security system

<2016/05/diy-home-security-system-reviews.jpg">diy home security system reviews

In the past, the process of installation a home security system was so difficult that only technicians with vast experience could finish this task without problems. Today, things have changed because of the rapid progress in technology. In other words, it is quite easy to install your own security system without any help.

Selecting a reliable security system for your house or apartment is a little bit different. If you perform a short research you will notice that there are many security companies that are not very reliable and some of them even look like scammers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good company and system online, but you just need to be careful.

The most important part of this process is the contract. Just like buying any other type of service or product, purchasing a security system from a company is made official once you and the company’s representative sign a contract. Before you sign anything, make sure that you’ve read the contract. Check the terms and costs. Check whether they provide money-back guarantees and who pays in case something goes wrong. Are they providing free upgrades? Do they require monthly fees? You must answer all these questions in order to avoid any unpleasant situations in the future.

There are many companies that use another tactics to attract clients and in most cases their interesting offers turn to be very costly and even impractical. For instance, it is not unusual to get an offer for a free home security system. The thing is that you have to pay a reasonable installation fee. This may sound like a good deal because the installation is much cheaper than the system itself. However, these deal usually come with costly monthly charges for monitoring and repairing that can last for years. So, forget about FREE things at least when it comes to home security.

The good news is that home owners can keep their property safe by installing their own security system, but before they do this, they must take a few things into consideration.

First of all, most security systems require some sort of programming/coding. This is a serious task and even though it comes with instructions, many people will have problems with it. If you think that you can’t pull this on your own, you can buy a pre-programmed system.

Make sure that you are looking at a security system that is adequate to your property. The adequate or appropriate system is the one that has all the features you need. Since modern systems come with many features, you can use diy home security system reviews to learn more about the systems you find attractive. While we are talking about the features, you must pay closer attention to their monitoring features. Check whether they are working only with landlines or they can use GPS too. Do they have sensors or not? Is it difficult to place all these things on your own?

Installation of home security system is not difficult and you can do it on your own if you read some reviews and of course the manual that comes with every system.


Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

The beauty of your home matters, but the safety matters the most so instead of focusing only on planting trees and flowers, adding color to your walls and adding décor, also ensure you are taking steps to secure the house from intruders and burglars. Here are some simple tips you can employ to keep your home safe.

  1. Lock windows

Doors and windows are the common entry points for burglars. Unfortunately, depending on the manufactures design of the windows is not safe and some are downright flimsy. If you see that your window latches don’t look too good, beef up their security structures with locks or levers that are key-operated. However, that’s not all you need to do, some good ideas that will ensure your windows are burglar proof include:

  • Add a window security film to your glass
  • Add glass or window break sensors
  • Add window bars
  • Plant prickly bushes under your windows but always keep them trimmed
  • Light the backyard
  1. Secure the garage

The garage is also an entry point that burglars us to gain access to your home. Even though your may not be able to access your house from the garage, your garage might be storing good stuff. Lock all the doors of the garage both in the exterior and the interior. If you use a security code to access your garage, ensure that you keep the code safe and keep it a secret. Never key in the security code in front of strangers like delivery people or your neighbors. It is wise to use extra locks to secure your garage and ensure that it’s lighted.

  1. Lock your Wi-Fi network

When someone has access to your wireless network, he/she can as easily access your personal and financial information. If you use a home automation system, the access to wireless network also makes your house be at risk of a break-in. You therefore need to be extra careful with your Wi-Fi network to keep hackers away from your home network; secure your router, enable a WPA or WPA2 encryption, use firewall, install anti-malware protection and hide your home network.

What personal protective equipment means

Personal protective equipment also known as PPE is a term thrown around the workplace on a regular basis, but do you really know what it means? Perhaps you wear PPE on a daily basis but do not know its core function?

In this article, we will be exploring some of the basics behind PPE and what it is used for exactly. We will also be touching on the type of industries that use PPE.

Let begin with the history…

The history of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment goes back all the way to the 1800’s when the first aspects of health and safety were formed. In 1833 the factories act ensured employees worked in hazards free workplaces, over time this developed into the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the formation of Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

With hundreds of regulations and legislation being created after the formation, including the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, which outlined all the standards of PPE.

The regulation outlined the areas of which Personal Protective Equipment will need to protect, these areas include the eyes, ears, lungs, skin and body. Items within this category do not have to protect more than one area but many items tend to offer a range of protection.

The products included in Personal Protective Equipment

Each item is designed to protect an area of the body, from head to toe, these items are specifically designed to protect.


Each of the items that are included in the eyewear protection is usually based on the glasses design. Items like safety spectacles, goggles, face-shields and visors are a superb choice to protect the eyes from potential hazards.


Most of the items within this category are designed to protect the head from falling objects, such as hard hats and helmets. Whereas there are items such as bump caps which are designed to reduce the impact of bumps to the head.


Working in environments where there are airborne dusts, vapours and gasses can cause serious medical conditions, this is why in many environments you would need to wear special equipment. This special equipment is usually a respirator or filter which can be either a half or full face mask/helmet.

Protecting the body

There are many Items to protect the body against potential hazards, as a number of hazards are extraordinarily high. With potential hazards ranging from adverse weather conditions to chemical/metal splashes, items like boiler suits and protective jackets are often considered.

Hands and arms

The hands and arms are usually the first areas to come into contact with a potential hazard. These are also some of the easiest to protect as well. Items like protective gloves can often protect you from hazards such as abrasions, temperature extremes, cuts and punctures and much more.

Feet and legs

Working in environments such as building sites can often present hazards near the feet and legs. Stepping on sharp objects can easily penetrate through the foot and cause serious damage to the foot. Wearing items such as Steel Toe Cap boots can help to protect the feet from such effects, whereas, wearing work trousers will help to protect the legs.

The industries that use Personal Protective Equipment

There is a huge range of sectors that regularly wear Personal Protective Equipment, from builders to warehouse operatives, employees from around the globe wear some form of the protective products. As you now know, personal protective equipment includes an extensive range of products, therefore you must have seen plenty around workplaces. The most common item is the Hi Vis Vest, it is hard to go to any workplace without seeing one of these lying around, from railway to quarries.