How to Decide if a House is Right For You

<2016/06/How-to-Decide-if-a-House-is-Right-For-You.jpg">How to Decide if a House is Right For YouRecent research shows that people in the south west of England spend just 23 hours deciding which house to buy – compared to 29 hours deciding what to wear or which place to go on a date. The survey by HSBC also shows that people take much longer to work out where to go on holiday – a total of five days – than where they want to live. Buying a house in the south west is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life and it pays to spend some quality time working out if the property is right for you. Here are some tips for making up your mind – and remember, it doesn’t matter if it takes longer than 23 hours.

Check Affordability

Houses in Gloucester and the south west have suffered the same price rises as in the rest of the UK and it is more important than ever to make sure that the property you choose is affordable for you. There is no point in overstretching yourself to buy a property you really can’t afford, as this will end up with you possibly losing the house in the future. Talk over your finances with an adviser and work out what you need to borrow and the house you can afford to buy. Don’t borrow too much. Work out if there are cheaper areas in Gloucester and the surroundings that you can look at, or smaller properties. It also helps to research any help you can get with the financial side of buying a home.

Check Accessibility

It matters whether the house is convenient for you and your family. Is it close to work or within easy commuting distance? Is it close to friends or family if this is an important factor for you? Can you access public transport easily if you don’t have a car? Look at the location of the property in Gloucester or beyond to find out how easy it is to access on a daily basis, before you book your removals Gloucester firm.

Check Nearby Facilities

If you do not want to have to drive for miles every time you want to go out, check what facilities there are within easy walking distance or a quick driving distance. You’ll want to look at supermarkets, parks, the cinema, restaurants, shops, the doctor’s surgery, schools, and other facilities that make your life easier. If you want to live in a remote part of Gloucestershire this is certainly an option but most people want to be easily connected with at least the basic facilities.

Check Noise Levels

No one wants to be woken every dawn by unloading lorries at the huge supermarket next door, or deafened by the sound of traffic. Some noise is unavoidable but you may want to check what you can handle – take note of the noise levels at different times of the day and night.

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