Unique alternatives for your patio door

In today’s housing climate, more and more homeowners are looking for unique and quirky ways to improve their home, both as a smart long term investment and to put their own stamp on a property. The latest trend home improvers are focusing on is the transition between their indoor and outdoor space. In today’s competitive housing market tired and faded patio doors just won’t cut it anymore! That is why people are turning to the latest in modern window and door alternatives to give their home the wow factor.


We start with bi-folding doors, which are fast becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners, and with good reason. The bi-folding door boasts an extremely contemporary design and the unique benefit of creating an almost entirely clear opening between your indoor and outdoor living area. Perfect for BBQs on those long summer days. Not to mention aluminium bi-folding doors are a low maintenance and extremely practical addition to any house.


Sliding doors are a sleek and sophisticated addition to a home. Unlike the framework of a bi-folding door, the sliding door’s large glass panels allow for uninterrupted views, perfect if you have a beautiful garden that you want to show off year round.

For an unusual twist on the classic design, try installing multiple sliding doors to create several interesting ways to enter and exit your house. Two sliding doors opening out from a corner can really enhance a seamless transition between indoors and out, giving the impression that the walls of your home can easily slide away to let the outdoors in.

Renew a classic

Want to create a unique twist on your patio door but also keep the classic French window design? Maybe you prefer the simple functionality of the French door or your space is not suited to another design. Why not update your doors with a new material or colour? Replace old wooden or PVC doors with a slimline frame to give the impression your doors are made entirely of glass, maximising the amount of natural light in your home and adding a contemporary touch to a traditional French window.

If you are looking for a simpler and faster way to make your patio door stand out, why not give your doors a coat of paint. Make an impact with a bold statement colour or keep it simple and striking with a bright, fresh white. The great thing about this option is, if you don’t like it you can change it!


The newest, and one of the most visually interesting doors to hit the market is the pivoting door. This door pivots on a 90 degree angle to allow access from your home to the garden. While not giving your home the seamless transition we have seen with the other options, the unusual doors give your home an edgy, alternative look.

So there you have it! If you are willing to get creative with your doors and think a little outside the box, you can end up with something uniquely special for your home.

Unique block paving ideas for your garden

Unique block paving ideas for your gardenA garden adds light to your home and fosters a welcoming environment for guests. By adding a block paving, you create an inviting path for yourself, family and friends to enjoy the greenery. They also enhance the design of an otherwise normal driveway and allow you to be creative with designs.

What is a block paving?

Also known as a brick paving, this is a method of creating hard surfaces for walking, cars, and lawn furniture. Cement and sand normally make up the base layer and bricks are then placed on top (in the pattern of the homeowners choice). A benefit of block paving is easy maintenance; if one section of blocks becomes damaged (sunken bricks, for instance), it can normally be repaired without uprooting the remainder of the path.

A popular path design is the herringbone pattern. To achieve this look, bricks are laid at 45 degree angles, See Groby Landscapes block paving (Leicester company) for some of examples in their landscaping portfolio.

How can block paving enhance the aesthetic appeal of a garden?

There are a few ways that block paving can make a garden look lovelier:

  • It gives a garden structure.
  • Paved paths create walkways that allow us to appreciate gardens fully.
  • It converts a simple driveway into a landscaping masterpiece.

Everyone, from the minimalist to the artist, can appreciate the structure and design possibilities that stem from block paving. Line driveways with perfectly straight flower beds of lavender or rose (or another flower of your choice) for an organized brilliance of color with overwhelming fragrance. Circular pockets of flower and plant beds can be placed in random arrangements around the yard and pop up in unexpected places, like the middle of a large walkway.

What are the different block paving types available?

We have come a long way from the traditional simple layout of the block after block, and now a variety of patterns can be enjoyed.

Substrate material, color and brick shape are all to be taken into consideration, as well. The choices you make will determine the lifespan of your path, its use (should you park a car on it), and cost. These parameters will also influence the companies that you lean towards.

Two main substrates are composed of either concrete and clay. Concrete, the more economical choice, will allow you to enjoy a variety of shapes but will last around 20 years. Clay, on the other hand, is more expensive but extremely durable.

Multi-toned or white brick, straight edge or W-shape, the incorporation of a path will add life to your garden. Choose a design that speaks to your personality which will enhancing the surroundings.

Kitchen area Style 2011 — Unique Styles

Kitchen area Style 2011 -- Unique StylesTherefore what is brand new within kitchen area style with regard to 2011? Nicely contemporary kitchen areas tend to be right here to remain and can turn out to be one of the most well-liked kitchen areas. Handless doorway happen to be large providing a much more contemporary really feel as well as seem-less appear. This really is accomplished with the actual manage possibly machined included in the doorway or even via “Auto open” technologies whereby a person drive your own kitchen area cabinet or even doorway inwards also it jumps opened up. Customized colors inside a matte complete will even enter into perform providing the unique kitchen area inside a contemporary style. Siemens as well as Gaggenau possess some incredible hobs along with twin area functions letting you location the container anyplace about the hob area.

Colored kitchen areas continue to be the classic furniture piece. Farrow as well as golf ball colored kitchen areas tend to be probably the most well-liked option within unique furnishings. They’ve lately additional a brand new selection of colors in order to presently there currently big color graphs. Including a combination of rock countertops along with a few wooden worktops provides a little course in order to any kind of kitchen area.

Meal Compartments tend to be among the strike home appliances associated with 2010 and therefore are right here to remain. Using a dishwasher from waistline elevation is a good benefit towards the customer, simple to fill up as well as bare. Vapor stoves provide a wholesome option to traditional cooking food maintaining all of the unique characteristics from the meals.

The customer has become ruined with regard to option with regards to kitchen area countertops. Cup counter tops provide a thoroughly clean smooth try looking in contemporary kitchen area style. Silestone, a guy created rock worktop which may be stated in numerous width as well as bears anti microbial qualities actually are marketplace frontrunners. Numerous worktop width will even play a role within distinctive kitchen area style.