Fireplace Tiles The Best Budget Friendly Upgrade


With so many home improvement projects to choose from, it can be hard to decide on which one to commit to. However, there is one which always stands out not just from its looks but with the value it provides for such a small investment. Installing new fireplace tiles is always an upgrade that is guaranteed to give you results that will be admired well into the future.

Focal Point

The fireplace is virtually always the focal point of whichever room it’s in. Your eyes are instantly pulled towards it and even more so if it is actually functioning at the time. It therefore is often not only is a major influence on the the look of the entire room but the whole lower level of your house. By concentrating on this small yet always viewed and prominent space you can make a huge impact.

Accent, Match, Or Create

Fortunately there are a wide variety of options to help you accent, match, or create just about any style or feel you want. Antique fireplace tiles are often one of the most commonly used by those who have a love for vintage. They can found in Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian to name a few. Natural stone is another choice that homeowners love as it can really add an upscale feel and range from classic to modern. Slate fireplace tiles in particular along with ones made from marble and granite can really add to the look of your home along with its value too.

A Home Project That Won’t Put A Hole In Your Wallet

One of the most unique things about this project is just how little you have to spend to get big results. The fact that the overall area to be tiled only is relatively small and the that the fireplace is a natural focal point mean you only need a few tiles to not only complete the job but make a serious impact. This can often allow you purchase more expensive materials than your normally would and still remain under your budget. And of course by shopping for yout fireplace tiles online or waiting until there are sales locally you can save even more.

For fast and easy beauty that lasts new fireplace tiles are always a simple way to go. From natural stone to antique there are options for all to enjoy and make every space look its best. Best of all these it’s all possible for only a fraction of the price and time most other projects would cost.

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Home elevators Cup Tiles


Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic with Cup Tiles: A Unique Blend of Form and Function


In the realm of home design, the marriage of form and function often leads to innovative solutions that not only enhance a home’s aesthetic but also its practicality. Cup tiles, a unique and stylish option for home elevators, exemplify this fusion beautifully. In this article, we’ll explore the world of cup tiles in home elevator design, their benefits, and how they can elevate your home both aesthetically and functionally.

1. The Art of Cup Tiles:

Cup tiles are small, elegant tiles designed to create intricate patterns or mosaic designs. They are meticulously crafted to add visual appeal and texture to surfaces, making them ideal for elevators.

2. Elevators Beyond Utility:

Traditionally, elevators have been viewed primarily as functional necessities in multi-story homes. Cup tiles, however, redefine the elevator’s role by transforming it into a work of art that seamlessly blends with the home’s interior design.

3. Aesthetic Versatility:

One of the remarkable features of cup tiles is their versatility in design. Homeowners can choose from a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures to create an elevator interior that complements their overall décor scheme.

4. Elevator as a Focal Point:

Cup tiles can turn the elevator into a focal point of your home, attracting attention and admiration from guests. Whether you opt for a classic, minimalist design or a vibrant, artistic mosaic, your elevator becomes a unique conversation starter.

5. Elevator Safety and Durability:

While cup tiles are primarily focused on aesthetics, they are also chosen for their durability and easy maintenance. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily elevator use while retaining their charm.

6. Personalized Elevator Experience:

Cup tiles allow homeowners to infuse their personality and style into the elevator design. This personalization extends to the selection of materials, patterns, and even custom designs.

7. Elevator Size and Space:

Cup tiles can be customized to fit elevators of various sizes and shapes. Whether you have a compact residential elevator or a spacious lift, cup tiles can be adapted to create a stunning interior.

8. Elevator Lighting:

The interplay of cup tiles with lighting can further enhance their visual impact. Ambient lighting can be strategically incorporated to highlight the tile patterns and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

9. Elevator Installation and Maintenance:

Experienced professionals are essential for the installation of cup tiles in elevators, ensuring precision and attention to detail. Routine maintenance ensures that the tiles retain their beauty over time.

10. Elevator Accessibility and Style:

Home elevators are often designed with accessibility in mind. Cup tiles can blend seamlessly with accessibility features while adding a touch of elegance.


Cup tiles represent a unique fusion of art and functionality in the realm of home elevators. They offer homeowners the opportunity to transform a utilitarian space into a visually stunning and personalized work of art. Elevators adorned with cup tiles not only serve their practical purpose but also become an integral part of the home’s overall aesthetic, elevating the entire living experience to new heights. Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or planning a renovation, consider the timeless allure of cup tiles to redefine your home’s elevator as a masterpiece of design and innovation.

Outdoor Tiles To Help Make Your Property Its Best

Everyone uses there outside space for something different. While for some it is a place to relax in style, for others it may be a workspace, an area for play, or simply somewhere <2016/06/46917237_m.jpg">46917237_mto be admired from an inside window. There are outdoor tiles that can help anyone to create any of these, and here are some of the top choices.

Deck Tiles

Fortunately for consumers today, you can install tiles without any mess or hardly any time wasted. Deck tiles are a budget friendly option that anyone can install themselves. As you could probably guess these get their name from the fact that they are usually used on the deck, however since they are interlocking and can be placed on top of any flat surface, almost anywhere will do. Outdoor deck tiles are often made from real wood in a range of different types but there is also a composite variety if that’s what you prefer.


Just as easy to install as deck tiles, those made from rubber are also a simple option. While they may not be as attractive as the wooden variety, rubber outdoor tiles will give you serious grip. In fact they are specifically manufactured so they always provide superior grip even in heavy rain. The body of these tiles is porous so as opposed to other outdoor tiles where the water will pool on the top causing it to be slippery, with rubber the water drains right through instead.

Other Options

Not to worry if both of the above choices are not really your style as there are plenty of other materials to choose from. Of all of them natural stone is easily one of the most popular. There are many different stones to choose from each with their own unique look and attributes. Just make sure you take your time when shopping to ensure the one you choose is well-suited for what you will use it for and the weather conditions where you live. Outdoor porcelain tiles along with those made from ceramic can be a smart choice too. If you like stone, but are on a budget, porcelain tiles that mimic the look of granite, slate, travertine, or marble can be a money saver.

As you can see there really is a wealth of materials to pick from when it comes to outdoor tiles. From wood to stone and everything in-between there’s never a shortage of options to help you complete your project and meet your goals so that your property can be its best!

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