Portland Backflow Testing and Repair

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There is certain condition in Oregon that each homeowner should have or install the backflow equipment. The other requirement is checking that backflow equipment in every year in order to make sure that the device works well without any issue or at least essential issues. In this case, you can rely on Portland backflow repair because they will help you to check the backflow device and if it is necessary they will also repair in case there are certain issues down there. The mostly happened issues are the dirty device. Since the device is occupied by water and the water is supposed to fill the sprinkler tank, the water supply for drink in the city could get dirty if it is contaminated by the water for sprinkler. So, this is also one of the ways in order to make sure that everything is going like what it should be. Other than that, it is preventing the accidentally contaminated drinking water supply due to the dirty water.

The accidentally contaminated water supply can occur due to several things such as some homes which are using herbicides or other chemical substances in order to manage their plants. And it turns out that the chemical substances can lead to something bad like a disaster if once it gets into the system of clean water. This is when Portland backflow repair is needed. Checking the water supply and the backflow will avoid you from this kind of disaster. It keeps you and your family protected as well as keeping the clean water supply remains clean.

If something goes wrong like the dysfunction of equipment or maybe worse, Portland backflow repair is more likely to repair and if it is necessary it will be replaced with the new and healthy one. Actually each part of backflow is pretty expensive. If you want to fully replace the equipment, it probably will take several hundred dollars from your pocket. And do not worry because the damage will not happen if you regularly control or check the backflow in your home.

Each season in the year always brings significant changes in the backflow. Winter and spring are the seasons that need extra attention and certain treatment before they are started. All you need to do is just giving the company a call. The homeowners will not be charged as long as the call is in the work hour. The team will give you such as estimated charge of repair cost and if there is a deal the team will go straight to your house. So, if you do not like the estimated budget, you can cancel the service though.

In case you need something related with testing and checking the backflow in your home, you can visit the official website of Portland backflow repair. There will be the “Contact Us” tab and you can get any contact you need on the page. It is better to prevent rather than buying a new one. Checking backflow will also bring tons of goodness to your community.

Radon Pressure Testing for Safer and Healthier Home

Have you done a radon pressure testing in your house? If you have not done it yet, then you better do it as soon as possible. Some of you might question what radon is or how it can affect to our life. Now we will explain all about radon as well as why we need to do a test of it.


What Is Radon?

Radon is a chemical substance which some of you might recognize in periodic table. In the table, it has a symbol Rn with atomic number 86. This element is also considered as noble gas, and it is a radioactive one. The fact it contains radiation is the reason why we ask you whether you have performed radon pressure testing in your house.


What is the Effect of Radon to Human?

As we all know, radioactive gas is very dangerous. Once we have a contact with this kind of gas, we can suffer a certain disease or even death. In this case, if you inhale radon, it will damage your lung. That makes you have the possibility of getting lung cancer. The risk of human to get this cancer depends on how long you got exposed to the gas. The risk will be higher if you are a smoker. What’s more dangerous about this gas is that we cannot see, smell, or even taste it. So we might have breathed with it without realizing it at all.


How Does It Break Through to Our House?

Radon is mostly found in the soil. There is a different air pressure between inside the soil and our house. Our home has lower air pressure than in the soil. Due to its difference, it draws air as well as other gases, including radon, into our house. These gases get the access from several spots such as cracks on the floor or wall, gaps on the pipes, window in the basement, or even cavity inside the wall.


How Do We Know Our House Got Radon Exposure?

If you want to know whether your house got exposed by the gas, you must do radon pressure testing. The test will tell you the level of the gas exposure. For your information, there is no safe level in this testing. Even the lowest level of the gas is dangerous enough for everyone.


Furthermore, there are two ways you can choose to do the test. The first one is by doing it yourself with radon testing kit. You can buy the tools from the home improvement retails or the Internet. One thing you must note if you want to do it yourself, and that is to follow the procedure carefully. Otherwise, it will be hard to measure the level accurately. The second method is simply call the professional and ask them to do it. To be honest, we recommend this better for you since the pros know a lot more of what they do. Meanwhile, the most common place to do this test is in the lowest area of your house. In this case, it is your basement.


What Should We Do If Our House Got Exposed?

Some of you might prefer to move to a new home when they know that their old house is exposed with radon. However, it is not necessary to do so. It may be impossible to get rid of the radioactive gas completely, but you still can reduce the level. Here are several steps you may follow.

  1. Create a ventilation in your basement by installing a small pump. This pump aims to draw radon from below the concrete to the outside. By that, the gas will never leak inside your home anymore.
  2. Enhance the mechanical ventilation by using a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) in order to exchange the air.
  3. Seal every cracks in your house like on the wall, floor, or even the pipes.


Now you already know that radon can silently breaks through not only in your house, but also your neighbors. Speaking of neighborhood, even if your neighbor has negative result of radon, it does not mean your home is free from the gas. Radon pressure testing is still required to be done.