Canister vacuum

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Vacuum cleaner is device that creates a vacuum to suck the dust particles from the floors and other and surfaces such as carpet, sofas etc. They come in many designs and sizes for domestic use as well as industrial use. Two of the main types of vacuum cleaners are Upright vacuum cleaners and Canister vacuum cleaners. While the upright vacuum cleaners are popular in the USA, and some other commonwealth countries, the latter i.e. the canister vacuum cleaner is a popular choice in the European market. While the upright models are little primitive in design, the canister ones are modernised version. It has a motor as well as the dust bag in a unit which is placed or mounted on the wheels and is connected to the main part or the head of the vacuum cleaner by a long flexible pipe like structure generally referred to as a hose. The main advantage of the canister version is the flexibility to attach several other heads which can be customised to clean different surface like sofa,carpet, and spider nets too.

Their performance in cleaning carpet is little on the downside when compared to the upright ones but the best canister vacuums with powerful head can clean the carpets almost as neatly as an upright one. The best canister vacuums are also easy to store and generally need very less amount of maintenance.

If you have a large house then canister vacuum is a great option because of the flexibility.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner especially between an upright one or a canister ones is totally a personal choice and should be based on your need. An upright cleaner also works well if you have a small or a middle sized house. They are in huge demand in certain markets such as Europe.