3 common mistakes which are blighting your yard

If you have read anything about curb appeal over the last few years (and trust us, there has been plenty of it), then you probably know how important your yard is to the image of your overall home.

Let’s not forget that in any industry, first impressions count immensely. It means that your yard can immediately open up the rest of your home to a wealth of compliments (which really, is what we are all looking for).

Unfortunately, unless you happen to be a seasoned gardener, getting this area of your home right is tricky. There is of course the weather to contend with, while most of us struggle with paint brushes at the best of times, let alone exotic plants.

There are some mistakes which are costlier than others, though. Through today’s article, we will take a look at the biggest ones you can make to your yard.

Mistake #1 – Watering at the wrong time of the day

This first mistake sounds utterly simple, but the effect it can have on your garden can be disastrous.

In short, if you water your garden at the wrong point in the day, you risk doing all sorts of damage and it can mean that you’ll need to turn to a lawn care service.

So, what exactly constitutes the wrong point in the day? Well, at any point when it is hot is a definite no-go area. Most of the time, this means watering your garden in the middle of the day shouldn’t be done on any occasion. If you do turn to such a tactic, a lot of the water will evaporate due to the heat, while the water that does exist can magnify the sun throughout the lawn and burn it further.

Mistake #2 – You cut the lawn too short

There’s actually a “scientific” term in the gardening world when it comes to cutting your lawn too short, and it goes by the name of scalping.

Regardless of what you name you give to it, it’s something that you should be cautious of. Sure, you don’t want your garden to spiral out of control and become an overgrown mess, but if you know there might be a drought in the upcoming future, make sure that you keep at least some length on the lawn. By doing this, there’s more chance of the grass holding the moisture.

Mistake #3 – You dig clay soil after it has rained

This next point might sound a little specific, but as we all know the quality of your soil can have a direct impact on how well your plants and lawn grow.

If you are based in an area which has clay soil, you have to be particularly careful. This is because you can quite easily damage the structure of the soil if it is wet. Instead, wait until it is dry, and even then add some manure to the soil to minimize the chances of damaging it.