Why do Energy Companies Offer Rebates on New Air Conditioners?

With all the rebates being offered on home air conditioners, you might wonder why energy companies are so quick to put money back in your hands. After all, they are better known for relieving you of your money, right? All good-natured ribbing aside, the reasons energy companies offer rebates on new air conditioners are significant and no matter how leery you might be about a deal that seems like it’s “too good to be true”, there’s really no downside to it whatsoever.


Air conditioning rebate reason #1: lower the cost of entry

Newer, high-efficiency air conditioning systems can be quite expensive. This could be a barrier for many homeowners as they might see it as non-essential, choosing instead to make do with their old system. By offering a rebate, it encourages consumers to invest in newer, more energy-efficient technology, reducing the ecological impact of energy consumption and making life generally better for everyone in the process.


Air conditioning rebate reason #2: the government wants you to be energy-efficient

Think of it as a car company paying you money to get that old clunker off the road. Your older AC systems are a major drain on electricity and put a lot of stress on the grid during those hot summer months. This is the time of year when everybody has their AC system running at full blast, so the more efficient these systems can be, the better off we all are. The government is behind this 100 percent.


Air conditioning rebate reason #3: helping homeowners to help themselves

Everybody loves to save money. By switching to a newer, Energy Star rated, high SEER AC system, you will definitely save money over the long-term, but an up-front rebate can ease the burden and expense of making that initial investment. While you might not think that energy companies care much about your wellbeing, these rebates are proof positive that they do care and that they’re looking out for you. They recognize that the high price of a new unit might be a little too much to swallow, so the rebate offers an incentive to invest with no regrets.


Air conditioning rebate reason #4: higher SEER ratings, more money in your pocket

Incentivizing the purchase of a new air conditioning system includes more money back for higher efficiency units. The more efficient the AC unit is, the more energy will be saved and the more resources there will be to go around in the future. Offering maximum rebates for the highest-rated products just makes sense as the more energy we can conserve, the brighter our future will be – both here at home and around the world.


Bottom line – if you are considering the purchase of a new air conditioning system, there really is no better time to dive in. Energy companies across the country are offering generous rebates on high-efficiency systems, making easy to get some of that cool comfort you crave!


Don’t forget, to get the maximum rebate, you need to work directly with a qualified HVAC contractor. If you live in the Denver area, call Summit Heating and A/C to find out more.