Lead Generation for Roofing Contractors:

There are a lot of ways that roofing contractors can generate leads, and this applies to commercial and residential roofers. You can sit around and wait for good things to happen (which is a pretty terrible strategy) or, you can actually be proactive and make things happen! While I prefer being proactive, it doesn’t always make sense if you don’t know what you’re doing as far as trying to generate new leads. Here’s a few guidelines to follow.

Know your service
Know exactly what you offer. As a home improvement or commercial roofing contractor, know exactly what you specialize in and try to get more of those accounts. You can’t be a master at everything. So stick with what you know, and you should be fine.

Know what works
If you’ve tried online lead generation sources in the past before and they haven’t worked out, then you’re not alone. Be sure you know what works – and that’s usually with a trusted SEO or internet marketing professional. Make sure the results are there.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance.
If you’ve never taken a chance before, how do you know what does or does not work? If you are going to try SEO for roofers, make sure the company has a proven track record. Make sure they generate leads fro commercial roofers like yourself. Make sure that the price is not too high and that you have great websites to convert more leads into customers. Also be sure to ask them about whether or not you’re going to be getting google Maps services, because ton’s of people use that as a source of leads to check out reviews and whatnot.

For a great source of how to generate leads online for commercial roofers, go to: www.commercialroofingdirectory.com/commercial-roofing-leads.html and you will find some great information over there! Hope you enjoy!