Strategies For Letting To Student Renters – Letting Agents Leeds


If you own property in a location with a significant student population, letting to student renters may be an appealing prospect with high interest in great rental returns. In the event, you’re contemplating doing so, or whether you’re among the various landlords already letting to students, this helpful guide features ideas to assist and ensure your rental runs smoothly when working with Letting Agents Leeds.

Select The Tenancy Agreement That Is Right

To start, you will have to determine if you’re going to issue a Joint or Single Tenancy for the student renters. There is going to be clear accountability and duties for the tenants depending upon the kind of arrangement you decide upon

Be Precise With Communications

Ensure that you run a robust and comprehensive check-in and check-out report. Best practice is to have tenants present at the time of carrying out these. Additionally, provide any instructions or guides that show them how to use appliances like the heat as well as the cooker.

Summarize Your Policy On Smoking and Anti-Social Behaviour

The Smoke-free Regulations 2007 now make it an offence to smoke in the shared portions of residential premises e.g. Halls, common stairs and corridors. If the property is smoked in by a renter, then they can be in violation of the Tenancy Agreement. Incorporate a clause in the lease agreement on termination of the contract if rules are broken. It is an excellent idea to include a clause in the Tenancy Agreement referencing what’s known as a nuisance, irritation or may be looked as anti-social behaviour.

Furnish The Property Suitably.

Attempt to provide great furniture to student properties; this will not mean it has to be expensive however it ought to be long-lasting. Additionally, you need to anticipate more fair deterioration on all furniture in a student property, than in a property that’s two professionals, as an example.

Make Your Renters Conscious Of Deposit Deductions.

Finally, whether you are in possession of a single or combined tenancy, you’ll have to make your tenants aware what happens to the down payment when there’s damage or cleaning is required communal areas. Furthermore, clarify who’s in charge of the communal divisions in the home. Ensure it’s set out in the Tenancy Agreement.

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