Death scene cleanup service – cleaning and disinfection after the death of a person

After the death of a person, it is necessary to disinfect the apartment – this is a mandatory procedure that you can do yourself or call the appropriate death scene cleanup service. However, you should know that self-disinfection of an apartment does not give such full-fledged results as the work of specialists in this field.

Cleaning and disinfection after a person died in his/her apartment

The choice of ways and methods of disinfection of the apartment depends on many factors. One of them is a disease from which a person died. It is important that death scene cleanup service carry out the procedure taking into account the following steps:

  1. disinfecting the air of the apartment and all surfaces of furniture, walls, carpets, flooring, etc;

  2. selecting for disposal all things and household items of the deceased;

  3. eliminating unpleasant odors;

  4. cleaning the room after the disinfection.

Sanitation, if done properly, does not pose a danger to the residents of the house. The amount of work is so big that it is impossible to do it yourself using household cleaning products. Most of the bacteria and microorganisms are hidden in the cracks, under the skirting boards. So, it’s necessary to to take care of all these hidden places to leave an apartment safe. 

Prices for a  death scene cleanup service

The cost of death scene cleanup services depends on specific activities, the causes of death of the deceased and the size of the room. Specialists who process apartments after the death of a person following these steps:

  1. sanitization of the apartment (disinfection, deodorization);

  2. garbage removal;

  3. dismantling of floor and wall coverings;

  4. complete removal of unpleasant odors;

  5. disinfection of furniture and walls.

It is especially important to disinfect the room if the deceased has been staying there for a long time and the air was saturated with a putrid smell. Substances of putrefactive decomposition have already released harmful microorganisms and bacteria into the environment. In this case, it is impossible to solve the problem on your own that’s why it’s worth resorting to the professional death scene cleanup service.

Methods for processing premises after the deceased person

It is important to eliminate all health hazards, so sometimes steam generator treatment is sufficient for disinfection, in other cases, complete removal of all wall and floor finishes is required.

Disinfection methods are divided into the ones using high temperatures, boiling, ultrasound or UV radiation or biological with the use of special chambers in which there are various biological filters for processing the apartment. There’s also an effective method using chemical products such as acid, chlorine, phenol, aldehyde, etc.

Irrigation method

Irrigation of the apartment after the death of a person is a pump-action spraying of active substances through a special machine. A low-temperature liquid sprayed throughout the apartment, so that it does not deform surrounding objects and household items. The substance death scene cleanup service uses does not leave stains and odors after the disinfection procedure.

A distinctive feature of this method of disinfection is the impenetrable, total application of an antiseptic agent to every inch of the apartment and furniture. It should be noted that before the irrigation procedure, it’s necessary to remove the plugs from the sockets throughout the apartment, because the level of humidity rises very much during the disinfection process.

The advantage of the procedure is that it does not take much time and is completely safe for the health of residents. The method is suitable for a room that is not packed with a large number of interior items.

Handling and cleaning the house after the death of a relative is important not only to eliminate harmful substances but also maintaining psychological balance. Many people feel better and are less susceptible to stress after a cleaning procedure.