Why putrid smell is dangerous and how to remove it

The cadaverous smell quickly spreads in the room, penetrating through ventilation and sockets. The cadaverous odor appears a day after a person’s death. When the heating is on, the processes of decay and decomposition proceed even faster. In an apartment where the deceased person stayed for more than 3-4 days, it is not recommended to be in the room without protective equipment that’s why cleaners who provide a death scene cleanup service wear a special uniform.

The putrid smell also penetrates deeply into all furnishings: furniture, carpets, curtains, as well as into finishing materials – wallpaper, plaster, etc. Ordinary ventilation is not enough to completely remove the putrid smell in the room.

The cadaverous smell is dangerous for health because a person can get serious poisoning with cadaveric poison that’s why you should dial death scene cleanup service urgently.

How to destroy cadaveric poison, smell in the shortest possible time

Specialists who provide death scene cleanup service disinfection and deodorization services after the decomposition of a corpse:

Disinfection of biological contamination – cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces from cadaveric poison.

Deodorization of an apartment, a house after a dead person – processing the premises until the cadaverous smell is completely destroyed.

Remember that death scene cleanup service will completely solve your problem and guarantee the protection of your health.

Why is putrid smell dangerous

The muscles of the body are made of protein. After death the process of breaking down proteins into amino acids begins. Putrefactive processes are accompanied by the release of cadaveric poison which is a mixture of several substances with a terrible odor. Although these substances have low toxicity, but for a child or a person with a weakened immune system, the poison is really dangerous because it causes intoxication.

In addition, the corpse is a place of accumulation of many microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi. There is a possibility of infection with these pathogens when microbes enter through micro trauma if a person touches the corpse. How long does the putrid smell last? In each situation, everything depends on a number of factors:

how long the body has stayed in the room,

room temperature,

body size.

Disinfection of the apartment after the deceased

After the person’s death, death scene cleanup service carries out the disinfection of the apartment. Before sanitizing, death scene cleanup service must prepare the room:

Throw away all items made of paper and fabric that have been near a decomposing body for a long time (bed linen, bedspread, clothes). If a decomposed human corpse is found on upholstered furniture, it’s also necessary to dispose of it.

In the most severe cases, disposing of carpets, curtains, wallpaper, flooring is required.

The best way to eliminate ptomaine and smell is to contact the specialists of death scene cleanup service. Professional treatment is carried out with chemicals that destroy dangerous biological bacteria and sources of odor. It is important to understand that it is impossible to permanently get rid of the problem without special equipment and professional disinfectant solutions.