Every single day a signal comes to the rescue service that some house is on fire.

Unfortunately, no matter how many measures and efforts are taken, it is impossible to prevent fires completely. However, it’s possible to ensure fire safety at least. Although various specialized companies like fire damage repair Thornton co are doing their best to ensure the most efficient and the fastest service to help their clients deal with the consequences of fire, the procedure of cleaning and repairing your house is not really pleasant.

The rules of how to protect yourself from a fire are simple.

To begin with, safety equipment must be installed in residential buildings, which would ensure an adequate level of fire protection for dwellers. To protect yourself from fire, you must have a fire extinguisher, fire alarm, and other equipment which is used to fight a fire. Also, in such a situation, a first aid kit is very important.

Before you move into a new home, you need to think about firefighting equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately install special devices that automatically transmit a fire signal to the rescue services and turn on the smoke protection system. This automatic signal transmission will significantly reduce the arrival time of fire brigades. Alternatively, you can install a fire detector that reacts to the slightest smoke. Even if the fire starts, the firefighters will come very soon, leaving the services such as fire damage repair Thornton CO little job to do.

To ensure safety, it is also important to purchase a fire extinguisher, a felt mat – a special blanket, an emergency fire hydrant, and a rope ladder.

There are different types of fire extinguishers: powder, carbon dioxide, and water fire extinguisher.

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is more suitable for use in the home, as traces of its use are easier to remove, so the services of fire damage repair Thornton CO won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

When it comes to the outdoor use, a powder fire extinguisher perfectly suits this purpose. A carbon dioxide and powder fire extinguisher will help to cope not only with open fire but also with the ignition of electrical appliances.

One of the weakest points and frequent causes of fires is electrical wiring. The layout of its location should be well developed and reflected in the project along with other engineering networks. In accordance with the norms, all electrical cables must be protected with fireproof insulating materials. Instead of copper wiring, it is better to prefer aluminum because it is safer and more reliable. It also refers to the after-fire repair. Companies providing fire damage repair Thornton CO must take care of the wiring too to ensure its long and safe functioning.

Sockets and switches should be located at least 60 cm from water sources. Statistics show that a responsible approach to the installation and diagnostics of electrical wiring in a house considerably reduces the risk of fires.

Another important thing is choosing safe building and finishing materials. Today, much attention is paid to the building and finishing materials.

When choosing the building materials, pay special attention to their properties:

  • ignition temperature;
  • smoldering temperature;
  • burning rate;
  • smoke generation;
  • release of toxic substances during combustion.

It is hard to prevent fires, but it is quite possible to protect yourself by complying with the requirements and installing the necessary firefighting equipment.