Top Plumbing Emergency Tips

The plumbing system is vital for each homeowner; therefore, any form of emergency calls for immediate action. Some of the problems may be self-induced, while others are inevitable. Both, however, should be treated as an emergency.

Competent plumbing companies like parker plumbing company advises you to avoid handling plumbing emergencies as it may deteriorate the situation. Consider hiring experts for help. Some of these plumbing emergencies are hazardous; therefore, they should not be undermined.

Here are some of the plumbing emergency tips:

  1. An overflowing Toilet

Most homeowners tend to overlook an overflowing toilet. They have the confidence of fixing clogged toilets using a simple plunger. However, this is one of the plumbing systems that should be addressed as an emergency.

The problem may be harmful to you and your home as well. It may result in flooding your home if not fixed immediately. A plunger might be useful in this situation but temporarily. Consider hiring an expert like plumber raceview, who will fix the problem and identify the underlying cause of the clogging.

Water wastages increase your utility bills; therefore is ideal for reaching out to a professional plumber to curb water wastage. Renowned and reputable plumbers advise not to use a plunger for overflowing since it might deteriorate the situation.

  1. Clogged Sink Drain

The clogged sink drain is another plumbing problem that homeowners tend to normalize. It causes severe plumbing problems like water not flowing down the drains. Therefore this is a case to be handled as an emergency and fixed immediately.

The problem is normalized by many since you fix it all by yourself. If you have a plunger with you, you can unclog the drain. However, the underlying cause of a clogged drain may be more severe, thus remaining unresolved even after using a plunger.

Should that happen, contact a parker plumbing company for help. Please do not fear spending money on clogged sink drain repair; since it may be unaffordable if left unattended. The core cause of the problem may be a clogged sewer line, thus the dire need to seek professional help.

  1. Burst Pipes

Sufficient water pressure is vital in your home, but excessive pressure can be equally harmful. This would signify a burst pipe if you woke up to popping sounds in your plumbing systems. Unfortunately, these sounds go unnoticed by multiple homeowners.

The problem causes other parts of the plumbing system to malfunction, e.g., the toilet, faucets, etc.; therefore, this should be addressed like an emergency. Over flooding can cause severe damage to your home, resulting from burst pipes; thus, call an expert for help.

  1. Leaky Fixtures And Rust

Leaky fixtures and rust are common problems in your home that should not be ignored. The drip-drip sound may seem all minor, but its outcome is severe. The continuous leads to water wastage hence an increment in water bills.

Anything that increases your bills should be addressed immediately; since that money can be used to cater for other things or even saved later. Rust in your plumbing system is the other serious issue. Parker plumbing company will advise you on how the filtration process works to curb rust in water.

It indicates that mineral deposits in the water are harmful to your health, e.g.iron, lead, e.t.c.The rusting may also signify there is stagnant water in your plumbing pipes. This may lead to clogged drains, burst pipes, and severe health issues due to mold growth in the pipes.


As a homeowner, you wish to have a plumbing system that serves you right at the time. Never normalize any plumbing problem; it may turn out to be hazardous and expensive to repair eventually.

If you wake up to a clogged sink drain, an overflowing toilet, leaky and rusty fixtures, consider contacting a competent plumbing company for help.