How to choose cleaning and disinfecting products for a trauma cleaning services

Modern conditions dictate special requirements for the characteristics of cleaning and care products for various surfaces. Cleaning products available today are divided into professional and household ones. Naturally, specialised trauma cleaning services must have professional cleaning products at their disposal because, as a rule, these products are much more efficient, though, require special treatment and special procedure of working with them.

Modern conditions dictate special requirements for the characteristics of cleaning and care products for various surfaces. Professional cleaning products are made according to a completely different technology and standards, which have their own application features. Let’s define the main differences between professional cleaning products, which trauma cleaning services use and household ones.

The main features and differences of professional cleaning products

Professional products are produced in concentrated form and in large volumes. When working, they are dissolved in various proportions depending on the tasks;

There is a wide range of cleaning products, which is associated with a narrowly focused action of each product;

Professional chemicals can be used for both manual and machine cleaning;

Professional cleaning products are characterized by high efficiency, prolonged disinfecting effect, restoration of minor damage, making surfaces dirt and dust repellent;

Professional cleaning products utilised by trauma cleaning services are characterized by complete safety for the processed surfaces, people and the environment.

Unlike household products, the professional products enable trauma cleaning services to:

conduct effective disinfection of premises, block the spread of pathogenic microflora;

reliably protect treated surfaces, extend their service life;

provide a fresh and natural smell for a long period.

How often do you need to use professional tools?

Despite the high efficiency and prolonged action of professional products for cleaning, disinfection of public places must be carried out regularly. Such places include beauty salons, public transport, medical centers, production facilities. Disinfection can be regular, periodic, one-time. Regular is carried out in crowded places daily or twice a day. Periodic cleaning is carried out to prolong the protective effect after previous treatments.

For disinfection, trauma cleaning services use highly effective products in the form of tablets, powder and liquid. All products should have broad antimicrobial effect, successfully counteracting the spread of viruses, infections and microorganisms. Moreover, professional cleaning product must be able to treat surfaces made of any material, effectively eliminating infections of both bacterial and viral etiology and have a good cleaning effect.

The price in the case of professional cleaning products is not a determining factor, and here’s why:

All products in this category are highly concentrated, and in most cases 1-5% solutions are used. Therefore, when planning a purchase, it is necessary to take into account the price of a ready-to-use solution;

Professional products have a narrow focus, therefore, have an extremely high efficiency in solving a certain range of tasks, which significantly reduces their consumption;

Most of the products are supplied in relatively large volumes (5 and 20 liters), so their cost is somewhat lower due to savings on packaging and containers;

By buying concentrated solutions in bulk, it’s possible to reduce transportation costs and the frequency of purchases.