What Are the Odds of Fire Happening in Your Home?

House fires are a widespread problem not just in North Carolina but also across the US. With millions of fire incidents recorded in the United States annually, many homeowners are taking every necessary precautions to protect their properties against fire outbreaks. The good news is that many house fires are preventable. After experiencing a fire outbreak in the home, experts in fire damage repair High Point can help restore your home to its original state. They will also provide useful tips on how to prevent fire outbreaks in the near future.

Where Do House Fires Usually Start

Certain areas in a building are more prone to fire outbreaks than others. To prevent a house fire, it’s important to know the most vulnerable parts where a fire is more likely to start, so you can take appropriate preventive measures.

Some of the common areas include

Kitchen: Most reported cases of a fire house usually occur between 5pm and 8 pm, around dinnertime. No matter how tired or occupied you might be, give your kitchen 100% attention especially if it’s in use. Never leave your kitchen unattended.

Heating Appliances: Heating appliances are another source of fire outbreaks in the home. These appliances are dangerous and should be handled with great caution. Remove all flammable objects around heating appliances. Turn off space heater and every other heating appliance before leaving the home.

Bedroom: Your bedroom is a warehouse for flammable objects. One highly flammable material is your mattress.

Living Room: The living room is another great spot filled with fire starters including candles, fireplaces, heating equipment and electrical appliances. It also consists of flammable material like blankets, couches and carpeting.

Common Causes of House Fires

Here’s how most house fires start

Electrical fires: Overloading a circuit and not turning off your lights late at night are some of the causes of electrical fires. Call on a professional electrician to fix electrical faults in the home as quickly as possible.

Cooking fires: Always keep an eye out for any activity you have ongoing in the kitchen. If you have to get your hands on something else while cooking, be sure to use timers to keep track of your kitchen activity before leaving the room.

Smoking: Smoking cigarettes are best done in the outdoors. Most fire outbreaks are a result of smoking indoors. Extinguish cigarettes butts completely before disposing. And if you must smoke indoors, never smoke in bed or while under heavy medication that causes drowsiness.

Candles: Candles are great decorative item, but they can also be destructive. Before you sleep at night, put out the candles. Do not leave candles unattended.

The odds of experience a fire in your house are low especially if you take precautionary steps. Don’t leave kitchen activities unattended, fix all faulty electrical appliances and wiring and do not leave flammable items near a heat source. If your property falls victim to fire outbreak, call on experts in fire damage repair High Point for top notch home restoration service.