How To Handle the Different Types of Medical Waste


Medical waste disposal services Scottsdale Arizona are properly equipped to deal with all types of medical wastes. Medical waste comes in various forms, hence the process of disposal differs. Anyone who manages medical waste is aware that this type of waste is different from the waste generated in households and office settings. While most office and household wastes are recyclable and can be disposed of by shredding or dumping in a trash can of any choice, medical waste disposal isn’t handled the same way. There are strict laws guiding the handling and disposal of medical waste. The reason isn’t farfetched. Medical waste contains infectious organisms. They are harmful to the environment and the human race.

Medical waste is not handled the same way. The disposal technique depends on the type of waste. Check out ways these waste materials are handled and disposed of

General Medical Waste

This type of waste is usually generated in healthcare facilities. They are less hazardous and cause little to no harm to an individual or the society at large. Examples of general medical waste include office waste, paper, and plastic. This is the same as the waste generated in a typical office setting but in this case, the environment can be hazardous. While these kinds of waste are considered less hazardous, they should not be treated lightly. Call in on the professionals to handle general medical waste disposal services. You never can tell where the general waste emanated from. So you should treat all medical waste equally.

Radioactive Medical Waste

Just as it is apparent from the name, radioactive medical waste is made up of radioactive material. Medical practitioners conduct radioactive therapies to test for thallium stress and other nuclear medicine therapies for treating cancer. One has to be extremely careful when handling this medical waste. To avoid catastrophic damage, radioactive medical waste is best handled by professional medical waste disposal services Scottsdale Arizona.

Infectious Waste

Infectious waste contains harmful pathogens that can pose a risk of infection on both human and the environment. Examples of infectious waste include surgical equipment, bodily fluids, swaps, blood-soaked bandages, sharps waste and so much more. Almost every medical facility generates infectious waste. In order to prevent an outbreak of infectious diseases, each state has a strict regulation that governs how infectious waste will be handled. This state regulation covers disposal, transport, licensing, storage, and processing.

Hazardous Medical Waste

Hazardous waste has its own inherent risk. Examples of hazardous waste include unsterilized sharps, chemicals, and chemotherapy agents. Just as with every other medical waste, hazardous waste disposal should be handled by professionals.

Prior to hiring a medical waste disposal company, check to see if they are licensed and certified. Only then can you trust their services. This is because medical waste disposal is closely monitored and you will be penalized when caught disposing of it illegally. A reliable disposal company will take care of your medical waste and keep you and your community safe.