3 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Medical Waste

Medical waste refers to all waste materials generated at healthcare facilities, laboratories, and medical research facilities. It is important to note that many households also generate medical waste but in a limited fashion, as does any organization that specializes in the production or sale of syringes. No matter how medical waste is generated, one thing to be mindful of is, this type of waste should not be treated lightly. Medical waste disposal services Colorado Springs Colorado takes adequate care of this in a professional manner. Hiring an expert for medical waste management not only prevents environmental pollution but also protects you and your colleagues from the risks of exposure. Medical waste management companies possess the right skills and technical know-how to deal with medical waste efficiently and effectively.

How is this done? There are three basic steps that must be followed for the proper disposal of these waste products. These include +

1. Collecting and Segregating the Medical Waste

Proper waste management does not start with the medical waste disposal management company but the healthcare facility, organization, or household that produces these waste products. It is expedient that you know what to collect and what category each item falls into. More so, there should be specialized, properly labeled trash where each waste will fall into. When it comes to segregation, you may want to consider the container type. The kind of waste generated by a facility will determine the type of waste container. These are usually color-coded to help biomedical waste segregation

  • Red containers: for collection sharps like blades, syringes, needles, and blades

  • Red containers with a biohazard symbol are used for collecting contaminated items like blood, bodily fluids, and other contaminated equipment.

  • Yellow trash cans are used for chemotherapy waste collection such as gloves, gowns, and empty vials.

  • Black containers are used for pharmaceutical waste collection including antibiotics, pills, and injectables.

2. Storage and Transportation

Medical waste disposal services Colorado Springs Colorado handles the storage and transportation of this harmful waste without any threat to the environment and public health. Storage points of medical waste need to be inaccessible to the general public. In the same vein, the storage spot should be kept far away from areas used for food or drink consumption. Once the storage is full, medical waste disposal services Colorado Springs Colorado will arrive at the site with special vehicle for safe disposal.

3. Disposal of Medical Waste

The waste will be transported to a designated facility built for the disposal of medical waste and other related material. There are many ways to get rid of medical waste and limiting the threat that comes with it. These include incineration, autoclaving, and medical waste shredder.

However, it is important to know that the responsibility to dispose of medical waste falls on you. It is your responsibility to find a reliable company that can deliver top-notch medical waste disposal services in Colorado without endangering the environment and the lives of the general public.