Why Should I Choose Energy-Efficient Glazed Doors and Windows?

With constantly rising energy costs, it pays to choose energy-efficient glazed doors and windows. Environmental considerations, too, are an additional concern for many people.


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What If I Can’t Afford New Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows?

Do not despair! There are several easy ways of making your existing doors and windows more energy-efficient. Reduce heat loss in the winter and ensure your house stays cooler in the summer by using window treatments or coverings. Address air leakage by using storm windows, caulking or weatherstripping. Caulking is also useful for remedying small stable cracks (which means those that are not enlarging), joints or gaps.

In cold weather, reduce draughts by taping clear plastic film or sheets to the inside of window frames. Window shades may serve a similar purpose. Remember also to close curtains as soon as it gets dark and open them when it is light – this helps keep out cold night air and allow in any sunshine.

If hot weather is a concern, white curtains or blinds will help reflect heat away from inside the house. Rooms with south- or west-facing windows will feel more comfortable if their curtains or blinds are closed during the day. Awnings may also help, as may applying reflective films to the glass.

The Energy Saving Trust is an excellent source of further advice on improving energy-efficiency without great expenditure.


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Consider Installing Storm Windows

Where the chief concern is heat loss, storm windows can be a useful halfway house between installing new windows and doing nothing. Properly fitted, they reduce heat loss through the existing windows by as much as 20%. Although they are considerably cheaper than new windows, make sure you get value for money: check particularly that all their moveable joints have weatherstripping and that the overall construction is solid.

I Want New Doors and Windows. What Should I Look For?

Whether you want casement windows in Edinburgh, French doors in Dublin or velux windows in London, it is important to choose the right supplier. A business such as http://www.keanewindows.ie/french-doors.html can advise you, whatever your requirements.

Some types of glazed windows and doors will have lower air leakage rates than others. You may also want to weigh up different types of glazing, depending on climate, your building’s orientation and window location. Again, a professional installer can help.