Four common plastic shelving applications

You will often see plastic shelving in homes, perhaps used to great effect in bathrooms, kitchens and even garages; however, this is not something that is all that common in commercial and industrial settings, which is surprising. This type of shelving is somewhat underappreciated in the commercial sector, as there are plenty of great reasons to use it.

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Today, the focus on how we store everything from data to dishes is a talking point. In an effort to spread awareness as to just how practical plastic shelving can be, we have rounded up a few of the many uses that it could be implemented for on a large scale.

Food storage

Perhaps the best example of how plastic shelving could be put to good use is for foodstuffs. Whether in a commercial kitchen, restaurant or storeroom, plastic shelving is an excellent choice. Plastic shelving is very easy to clean and simple to assemble; in most cases, it is designed to prevent contamination and the spread of bacteria. This makes these shelves ideal for storing food and fresh produce, as it can be kept germ free.

Cold storage

Plastic industrial shelving Ireland from suppliers such as is an excellent option for cold storage. Once again, food products can be stored safely and hygienically, with keeping shelving clean simple. There is also no chance of rust or cracking, which makes the shelving all the more appealing; in addition, it is cost-effective, as it won’t need to be replaced often.

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Storage for inconsistent weather

Not every warehouse is in a location that stays dry and warm. Plastic shelving is also a great storage option here, especially if there is a chance that the items that need to be stored will get wet. These shelves also work well in hot areas and those that experience a lot of humidity. Plastic shelves will keep products safe, and there won’t be the need to replace shelving often due to corrosion from bad weather.

Agricultural storage

If you have a greenhouse or similar, plastic shelving is perfect. Plastic can withstand hotter temperatures and can be sprayed down easily, keeping plants safe from bugs and enabling them to be watered with ease. These shelves are also lightweight, so you can move them around if you need to.