Contemporary furnishings: what you should know

How important is it to furnish your home in the right way? And what does “right way” mean? Our home is the place where we feel comfortable and safe and that is why every detail needs to be studied to allow us to enjoy the maximum leisure we spend in our home. In recent years, the most successful style of furniture is the contemporary one: it is important, first of all, to distinguish it from the modern style, very similar in some ways, but different for some important details.


Modern style takes inspiration from stylistic changes of the last century: soft and irregular lines, strong attention to the practicality of spaces and the importance of technology that facilitates domestic life. Contemporary style, on the other hand, is the evolution of modernity, it bases the foundations in changing times and technological evolution: comfort and aesthetic beauty are the keys to reading. Clarified this difference, we can go on to describe how a contemporary-style home should be furnished. In full accord with the objectives of practicality and aesthetic beauty, the favourite materials of contemporary style are the concrete floor, stoneware tiles and plaster walls. The surfaces of the furniture are shiny and silk-screened, steel kitchen furniture and accessories made of durable and easy to clean materials.


Every style corresponds to a different way of living spaces and environments. The contemporary furnishings are perfect for both the open spaces and the small spaces that require low-volume solutions. Home automation finds its natural habitat: centralized installations management, wireless connectivity and remote control of home appliances are becoming a must.


A very important room in the home is the living room which is the place where we spend free time with friends and family, watching TV or relaxing by reading a book: so, the contemporary sofas are very important pieces of furniture because they have to be beautiful but also comfortable and easy to clean.


Do you still have doubts? Do you love bright colour combinations, warm colours for the living area? Do you prefer cold colours for the sleeping area? Do you have a strong passion for silk-screened furniture and wall stickers? Contemporary furnishings make for you!