Protecting Your Investment

When your business relies on electrical and mechanical equipment then you need to use only the best and most current testing processes to inspect that equipment. Electrical infrared inspection is clearly the best method for protecting your equipment, your business and your staff. When a piece of equipment fails there are many potential risks above and beyond the lost time and revenue. There is the potential for further damage to the machine or other equipment in the area, there is an increased risk of a fire and there is an increase in the risk of injury to your staff. But all of this can be eliminated with routine inspections.

This technology not only provides more accurate results but it can be used during regular working hours with no downtime for your equipment. This saves you time and scheduling issues. In addition, the equipment is sensitive enough to detect slight changes in your equipment to alert you to wear before the point of a failure. After seeing the results of the testing you can order the appropriate replacement parts and schedule a maintenance window during normal down time. You will also be eliminating the need for time spent trouble shooting a piece of equipment when it fails.

Another indication of the reliability and importance of these tests is that most insurance providers will reduce your premiums when you commit to regular infrared inspections. It is a proven fact that these tests will help you to reduce issues and eliminate potential dangers that could result in claims on your insurance policy. It only makes sense to use the latest innovations for testing and maintaining your equipment. The small investment that you make in the inspection is likely to save you the cost of an expensive repair in the future and loss of production and revenue.