Water purification system


Today most of us get our drinking water from the RO systems i.e. the reverse osmosis system because we know the importance of water purifier system and also what it does and why is it important to drink RO water. The water which is not purified through a water treatment system contains many impurities like arsenic, lead etc. which have the potential to cause many harmful diseases. Water impurities can cause diseases like jaundice too and hence it becomes essential to get pure water for drinking purposes.

At homes smaller RO systems with small storage capacities are installed while at offices, schools and commercial places much bigger RO systems with larger storage capacities are installed. Bigger RO systems also have the water cooling system installed in them so that along with the clean water, people can get chilled water to drink.

However with the recent advancement, RO has become the most basic requisite for water purification. The modern water purifiers have RO plus UV plus UF where UV and UF stand for ultra violet and ultrafiltration. In a standard RO system the two most important components are sediment filter and carbon filter. The sediment filter does the sedimentation, which means that the dirt particles are settled at the bottom leaving behind the clean water at the top and the carbon filter removes the harmful elements like lead, arsenic and chlorine. Chlorine though disinfects the water but its presence can leave a typical odour in the water. Hence we see how a RO turns hard water, which is unfit for drinking into soft and sweet water. There is a stiff competition among the RO manufacturers in the industry today, but Primato is one company which sells world’s one of the best water purifier systems. You can learn more about Primato home improvement systems over the Internet.