Tampa Lanai Screening Contractor


It was a very good decision to build lanai screen enclosure around the pool at your home. The enclosure has been proven to be very useful and bring a lot of advantages. It provides better privacy when you and your family use the pool. It also becomes a protective layer to prevent unwanted parties accessing the pool and yes, that’s including animals and insects that could bring dangerous risks. With the fact that the pool is enclosed, it also keeps the pool and the water clean much longer and that means less cleaning works and less maintaining. The lanai screen was quite expensive to build and it paid off with all the benefits the lanai screen can provide.

Like any other man-made structure, lanai screen won’t last forever. After several years, improvements or repairs works may be needed. The lanai screen had withstood extreme weather including heavy rain and strong winds. It is easily to notice that there are some damages on the screen and even several problems with the structure. That means you need to get the lanai screen enclosure fixed and repaired. Don’t wait any longer because broken screen or damaged structure, even the minor ones, means a potential danger exposing your family. I believe you don’t want the screen to broken fall or the enclosure structure collapse while your family are on the pool area. That would be a total disaster. Don’t even let that happen. Get the pool enclosure repaired right away.

For this, you can always trust mark bourget and his team. Mark is an expert in lanai and screen enclosure. His company, Screen-Solutions, is a licensed and certified contractor for lanai and screen enclosure installation, maintenance, and repair. With more than 15 years in this business, Mark and his team really knows everything about lanai and screen enclosure. They have been providing the best solutions to meet their customer’s needs and committed to deliver nothing but the best. This company has a long list of customers in greater Tampa area. They will be more than happy to refer this contractor because they are highly satisfied customers.

Whether you need lanai screening installation, rescreening works, or even total structural repair, just hand it over to Screen-Solutions. This company has full line of repair and service options for existing pool enclosure structure. There’s no need to worry because no repair is too small for them. Whether it is replacing screen for one panel even for screw replacements, all repair and service works will be done professionally to meet the utmost quality standards.

Call Screen-Solutions today and tell them about your problem. The team will come to your place and start inspecting the pool enclosure. They will report to you the initial assessment, giving professional advice and solution recommendation along with the cost estimation. Once you consented, they will start the repair works. Usually, it takes only one day work to complete common repair service. Once they finished, the pool enclosure is as good as new and will last for years to come.