How Do You Install Piling Caps?

Piling caps are available in many sizes, including black, white, or copper. These caps are made from injection molding, which is superior in strength, flexibility and dimensional consistency. For maximum sun protection, each piling cap is UV stabilized and infused with mildew inhibitors. These piling caps are strong enough to withstand the harsh marine environment. They also prevent birds from roosting and will extend the lifespan of pilings for many years.

Protect Your Dock With Piling Caps

Piling caps provide an additional layer of protection from the environment and a final visual touch to “cap off” your dock. The right pile caps can increase the life expectancy of your dock pilings while reducing maintenance.


Beach To Bay Divers & Pools stocks pile caps that resist sun-bleaching and water damage. You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, including flat, cone, square, or modern black piling caps.

How Do You Install Dock Pile Caps?

Piling caps can be installed with either screws or nails. Pre-drill the holes around the base of the caps. We recommend three evenly spaced holes for round piling caps. Next, attach the caps to each piling. Make sure they fit tight. To secure the caps, drill screws into the piling or hammer nails. The caps must fit flush against the piling, and should not pucker or warp.


We recommend copper nails and stainless steel exterior decking screws for marine environments.


Beach to Bay Dive Services started in early 2019 as a commercial dive service. Our team continues to provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing that each dock piling wrap will be performed correctly from conception to completion at a fair cost. Our reputation has been and continues to be our best advertisement. Recently, Beach to Bay Dive Services has transitioned to Beach to Bay Divers and Pools. Our experienced pool