4 Reasons Why Hiring Lead Paint Certified Contractors Makes a Difference

Many people think that lead paint is a thing of the past. While legislation passed in 1978 eliminated the use of lead paint in residential dwellings, that doesn’t mean it’s gone completely. Homes constructed prior to that year may still have some lead paint under one or more layers of other paint. If you’re thinking of renovating your older home, hiring a lead paint certified contractors is a smart move. Here are a few reasons why you want a contractor with this type of expertise.

Determining If Lead Paint is Present

Given that the lead paint may be under one or more layers of other paint, it’s not possible for you to look at an area and determine if it’s present. It will take an expert to determine what is and is not covering those walls. That’s where the skill of a certified contractor who’s trained to detect lead paint comes into the picture.

The contractor will use specialized equipment designed to isolate signs that lead paint is present. The layers covering that paint will not interfere with the process. What it will do is ensure that no area of your home is overlooked in the process. Once the contractor makes a complete sweep, you will know which areas are affected.

Renovations Can Release Lead Paint Particles Into the Air

The process of renovating any area of a home means releasing some of what is beneath the surface of current wall coverings. In other words, the work is likely to reach the layer of lead paint, and cause particles to spread through the air. Even with a mask on, there’s still the chance of some of those particles getting into your system.

This is one of the reasons why personally managing a renovation on an older home isn’t a good idea. The potential for lead exposure is too great. By contrast, a lead certified contractor will know how to deal with whatever is found.

Contractors Know How to Contain and Remove Lead Paint Safely

Lead paint certified contractors don’t just detect the presence of lead paint in the home. They also know how to remove the paint safely. This involves using methods that help to limit the spread of particles, and ensure that there’s nothing left behind.

It’s not just the equipment that they use to isolate, contain, and remove the old lead paint. They have protective equipment that helps to prevent direct exposure. Best of all, they know how to manage the task without wasting time or resources. This ensures the renovation doesn’t have to take any longer than necessary.

Making Your Home a Healthier Place to Live

Past homeowners thought that fresh layers of paint were enough to avoid the ill effects of lead exposure. That’s not the case. Medical professionals have determined that even lead paint that’s covered can still increase the potential for health issues like high blood pressure and respiratory problems.

Hiring a professional who is certified in finding and removing lead paint is to your advantage. It will mean getting rid of a threat that could impact you and your loved ones in years to come.

The bottom line is that old lead paint is nothing to take lightly. If you have any suspicion that this type of paint was used in the home way back when, have a contractor check the place. You’ll be doing yourself and your loved ones a favor.