The Top 5 Loft Conversion Ideas For Your Next House Project

Many people are obsessed with the idea of loft conversions and whether you are doing it to give your house an uplift, add a new room or improve its market value, you are definitely going to enjoy the process. When brainstorming for ideas about what your loft should look like, it can get rather overwhelming because there isn’t anything you can’t do in there. If you wish, you could create a studio with all the things you already have in your house such as a bathroom and a kitchen as well as a bedroom. However, the structural undertaking is rather significant so before you embark on any idea, you should be certain of what you want to create and what you will need for the job.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled what we think are the best ways you can transform your loft from a dark, unused room into a magnificent living space. We hope these will serve you as inspiration as you begin to convert your loft.

  • Make Your Bed A Centerpiece

If you want to have a spare bedroom in your loft you should make it a centerpiece. Unless you have a lot of wall separators which can break up the space into zones, then letting your bed take center stage is going to give the whole space more impactful visuals. Leaving the area to be in an open plan space can give you that bright, airy and spacious feel without the room appearing to be cluttered. You could still add wardrobes and storage as long as you keep the bed as a centerpiece. What’s more, make sure you put your fancy looking bedsheets, throws and pillows to make it extra cosy as well.

  • Kids Playroom

There’s nothing wrong with creating a space that you actually need and will use instead of making the traditional loft conversion like everybody else does. Surely adding an extra bedroom can be rather beneficial for you and can add value to your home in the long term, but if you have kids or teenagers who love to play board games, video games or any sort of activity, then creating a space for them to be able to do that is amazing. Having a little gaming corner with a desk and a comfortable chair, as well as some open space for activities would make the ideal room for your children to enjoy. What’s more, you will be further away from the noises so you will be giving yourself peace and quiet as well.

  • Home Office

The attic does not necessarily have to be for the use and enjoyment of kids only. Perhaps you are working from home and it’s difficult for you to separate the work and home feeling, then isolating yourself in the loft could be the ideal solution for you. Not only can you create a working space that you love, but you will have that separate space that is just for work while also being in the comfort of your own home. The perk of isolating some of the noises that may be coming from your home is not to be undervalued too. The home office could doble as a reading room or simply a place to relax in away from distractions.

  • Meditation/Gym Space

With the rise of home workouts especially over the pandemic there’s been a significant shift in people’s lifestyles and nowadays not everyone can afford to pay for gym memberships or choose to cut their expenses and workout at home instead. If you prefer it too, then converting your loft into a home gym could be just for you. You could even add a shower room where you could freshen up after a workout or alternatively, based on the workouts you do, you could add a mindfulness space where you could do some meditation before or after a session. Perhaps you are feeling like doing some yoga or Pilates, then the meditation space could be used for these lighter workouts as well.

  •  Open To a Balcony

Most of the times lofts feel a bit claustrophobic for some people and despite the fact that they are spacious in floor space, they are lacking from the ceiling one. However, adding windows you can stargaze from and opening out the place to a balcony could give you even more of a spacious feel. That will let you have fresh air on a wintery day or enjoy a cool breeze during those hot summer nights. It will completely transform your loft and would be worth all the trouble.


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