Why does my fridge freezer make noises?

Ever had to summon an emergency ‘eatall the ice cream’ meeting when you discover your fridge freezer is on the brink?

The fridge freezer is one of the most essential items in the kitchen so you don’t want it to break down. If it’s making strange noises, this can indicate that something is not quite right with your beloved appliance – while other sounds are perfectly normal.

Read on to discover some of the weird and wonderful sounds you could expect to hear from your fridge freezer:

Loud noises

Noisy fridge freezer? First, it’s time to locate where that loud noise is coming from – and this can be hard to do. If there are odd noises coming from the freezer compartment, it could be the evaporator fan that’s to blame.This is a vital part of your machine as its job is to pull air across the top of the evaporator coils when the compressor is running.

If the annoying noise you can hear is more of a vibration, it may be that your appliance is not flat on the floor. This can be simply sorted out by adjusting the level of the machine with a prop or adjusting the feet on the bottom.

If your refrigerator makes a popping sound, that’snothing to be worried about as it is simply the contraction or expansion of the interior walls.

Buzzing refrigerator?

If you boast an American style fridge freezer with an ice cube maker or water dispenser on the door, you may notice a frequent buzzing sound. This is also normal. However, if you keep hearing the fridge making buzzing noises or a click that is repeated, this could mean a compressor failure.


Clicking can also indicate there may be a shortage of power. This is a result of the compressor, which works alongside the coils to cool the fridge, trying to re-start itself. This could last about five minutes.


If the noise you can hear is more of a gentle hum, it may be just the compressor running correctly; circulating the gas that the appliance needs to work effectively. Sometimes the hum is so quiet that you don’t even notice it – until it stops altogether and makes you take notice.


Whirring or scraping noises are common in frost-free fridge freezers and usually indicate a build-up of ice around one of the fans. If this is happening, you’ve probably noticed it isn’t as chilly as it should be. The reason for it may be a faulty fan motor and you mayrequire a fridge freezer repair.


If the fridge isn’t cooling properly you will sometimes hear these types of noises coming from within the appliance.

Just remember that a totally silent fridge freezer is bad news – especially if the lights have also gone out too! If your fridge freezer is making a noise that we haven’t listed or you’re still worried that it’s working ineffectively, you should arrange a fridge freezer repair.