Types of Welding

Most materials are shaped and joined into final products by undergoing different processes when in production. Welding is one key process in the fabrication of such materials. There are different types of welding which are used depending on the type of material being worked on. This article will discuss some of the common welding types.

Stick welding

This is a more traditional type of welding compared to the other types of welding. In this type of welding, the rod used to weld is attached to an electrode holder which produces energy used to weld. You have to strike the rod so that you can get the arc to burn the material that you are welding. The use of this type of welding is quite simple and relatively cheap.

MIG welding

This type of welding is one of the easiest welding types to learn. No replacement of the welding rod is required since the rod does not exhaust when in use. You are only required to attach a wire to the end of the welding gun and pull the trigger to weld your material. It is important to note that MIG welding basically describes the bare wire welding and the flux core welding.

Gas welding

In this type of welding, an oxyacetylene flame is used to weld. This flame is used because it burns at very high temperatures that can cut through heavy metals. Though this type of welding is old school, there are people that prefer it over all other types of welding. In addition, gas welding is more convenient because of its portability and versatile functionalities.

Laser welding

This type of welding is most preferred by many users because it is able to pinpoint heat onto an object in a more precise manner than any other type of welding; as a result, materials welded using laser beams require minimum measures to give them a good finish.