How to Prevent Charcoal Grill Fires

Fire outbreaks can result in costly repair damages. Restoring your property to its former glory will most likely require the expertise of disaster repair services. Getting expert fire repair services doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always find one close to you.

There are many causes of fire outbreaks in residential and public spaces. One of the leading causes is grill fires. This type of fire accident occurs as a result of negligence.

Gathering with loved ones for an outdoor cookout is a favorite activity during warmer days. While grills are a great way to prepare your hot dogs, steaks, and any other sumptuous meal you can think of, they can cause costly fire damage to your family and property. Fortunately, there are safety tips you can follow to prevent grill fires.

Grill Safety

No matter the type of grill you use – gas, fire pit, or charcoal, consider taking grilling safety tips

  • Do not set up your grill close to structures, overhangs, and potentially flammable objects. Keep your grill at a safe distance.

  • Setting up a grill indoors puts you at risk of a fire outbreak. Avoid setting up a grill indoors, or in a tent. Asides from fire outbreaks, other potential health risks include carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Light your grill using long matches or long-length lighters so as not to get burned. Keep matches and other ignition sources out of children’s reach

  • Don’t leave a burning grill unattended.

  • Do not store your grill without putting out the fire completely and allowing it to cool

  • Keep your grill cleaned at all times

Charcoal Grill Safety

You can always attest to food prepared using a classic charcoal grill. While charcoal grills are a fun way to prepare food, they can also result in costly fire damage. Here are some charcoal grill safety tips to follow.

  • Do not stuff the grill with a large quantity of charcoal. A little quantity to cover the grill’s bottom is all you need. Too much charcoal in the grill could cause ashes and sparks to become airborne. This can cause a fire outbreak if it catches any flammable object nearby.

  • Keep charcoals in a safe place, away from other potential fire hazards.

  • Only use charcoal specific starter fluids. Apply the right quantity to the coal before lighting it up. Once the light is up, do not be tempted to add extra fluid as this makes the flames grow higher than expected, resulting in a fire outbreak.

  • Allow your grill to cool before emptying the ashes. Do not dispose of it in a garbage can. Even when fully cooled, ashes have the potential of causing an uncontained fire. The best disposal method is in an airtight metal container or on the garden soil.

Cooking food with a charcoal grill is fun and exciting but can be deadly when handled carelessly. But when the unfortunate incident happens, the next step is to find a solution. Disaster repair services are better equipped to deal with minor or major fire outbreaks. They will also put preventive measures in place to mitigate fire risks.