Tips On How To Accentuate Your Bathroom By Adding Mirrors The Right Way

Bathroom mirrors can give your bathroom so much vibrancy and style. Adding mirrors to your bathroom is not just to fulfill the aesthetic purpose, but it comes with a practical one too. However, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind to ensure that the mirrors are placed in the right proportion and that they go well with the bathroom interior.


White framed mirror has always been a classic choice when it comes to adding mirrors to bathrooms to accentuate the whole look. Read below to find out what to keep in mind while looking at mirror designs to add glamor to your bathroom for added space and make it feel more spa-like.

Go For The Latest On-Trend Mirror Designs

Although bathrooms remain shut, they do not have to practically look dull and clinical. Rather than going for the old square and circular mirrors, you could always go for curved interpretations, which would completely change the aesthetic of your washroom. According to experts, curves and colors are making their way back into home interiors, and it is time to truly indulge in them and go for delightful pieces that would make your home and your bathroom stand out.


If you love minimalism, then go for modern perfect circles. Perfect circular mirrors look brilliant with both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, and also specific color schemed ones. Go for colored frames and give your bathroom an adventurous look. A bold scheme should be accompanied by great lighting to turn it into a conversational topic among friends.

Make Sure There Is A Mirror Above The Vanity

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, choose where the vanity can be placed uniquely, and accordingly, go for the right mirror design. Mirror vanities are considered to be the focal point of any bathroom. Experts recommend going for the largest mirror length possible so as to reflect as much light as possible. Remember, the airier and brighter the bathroom, the better.


Another idea would be to place your vanity just opposite the bathroom door or against a full-height wall where it would stand as a statement.

Is Your Bathroom Mirror Well-Lit?

Bathrooms should always be well-lit, especially your bathroom mirror. When you start with your bathroom remodel, talk to your interior expert about the kind of lighting that should be placed above the bathroom mirror. Never neglect the importance of having good lighting in your bathroom. You could also add small lights surrounding the mirror, which will be flattering for the face and will also look brilliant as a decorative element.

Try Hanging Your Bathroom Mirror Opposite The Window

When you add mirrors to any room, the space will look bigger naturally. Mirrors allow natural light to bounce inside and around the shower room; hence, you can always attach your mirror near the window, which would reflect the outside light and view, making your bathroom look bigger and even more spacious.

Make Sure The Mirror Proportions Are Accurate

Always seek expert help when trying to fit your mirror because accurate proportions are essential in making your bathroom stand out. If the proportions are not right, you might end up with a way too small mirror, which will not accentuate the space. Therefore, when shopping for bathroom mirrors, ensure it matches the width of the vanity, or it can be a few inches small on both sides maximum. Be careful of the height of your mirror if you wish to make your ceiling look higher.


Wrapping up, choosing the right shape and style of mirror is essential to ensure that it fits the color scheme and the whole look of your bathroom. Use bathroom mirrors to your advantage and see what wonders they can do.