Benefits of frequently maintaining your boiler

Your boiler/heating system is an essential part of your home’s comforts. Without it, cold weather will become very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, while many people own a boiler and appreciate the benefits of having one installed, very few appreciate the benefits of taking good care of their home’s boiler. Such behaviour is like having a car that’s used frequently and yet refuse to check its oil, clean it, and service it. Just like such an ill-maintained car, an ill-maintained boiler will likely breakdown at the most ill-timed moment. Whereas, a well maintained boiler will last longer and provide you optimal service for a long time to come.

Asides from being assured your boiler will keep you warm when you most need it, below are some of the other benefits you enjoy if you keep your boiler regularly maintained.


  • Safety


Performing regular maintenance checks keeps your boiler safe. This is especially true if you are using a gas boiler. If using a gas boiler, regular maintenance checks can help you avoid dangers such as gas leaks that can put your entire home at risk. Also, regular maintenance checks make sure your boiler isn’t emitting dangerous levels carbon monoxide gas into your home.


  • Reduces risk of a breakdown


Having a boiler breakdown at an importune time when it’s most needed can be highly inconvenient. To make matters worse, it might take a while before you are able to summon a repairman to come over and fix it. If a boiler is well maintained, the chances of it breaking down all a sudden and without warning is less likely.


  • Energy efficiency


A boiler that is serviced frequently is capable at functioning at optimal capacity while consuming less resources. That is, be it an electric or gas boiler, if it is properly maintained, it will consume less electricity or gas to generate heat. This means that frequent maintenance saves you money in the long run by reducing the expenses of your utility bills.


  • Boiler will last longer


A boiler that is given a thorough maintenance at least once a year, is going to remain functional and definitely outlive a boiler that’s not serviced at all. Thus, to enjoy a boiler purchase for as long as possible, have it serviced as often as possible. Also, the cost of fixing a well-maintained boiler is usually less compared to an ill-maintained boiler that suffers a catastrophic malfunction.


  • Lower emissions


A well-maintained boiler is more environmentally friendly as it emits less amounts of environmentally unfriendly waste. This mean you are keeping not just your home safe, but also the environment.

  1. Boiler cover claims

In the event you seek to make a boiler cover claim, you should be aware that your insurance company will request for records of past services carried out on the boiler to determine if you qualify for a boiler repair claim.

Those are all the benefits you get to enjoy if you keep your boiler maintained. To keep you safe, experts such as FixMyAc recommend a thorough boiler maintenance by a licensed professional at least once a year. If you choose not to follow this advice then at least get your boiler serviced as soon as you see any of the following signs that indicate your boiler is about to turn dangerous;

  • Seeing signs of scorching, soot, or black spillage marks around your boiler
  • Smelling fumes or spent gas
  • If the boiler’s pilot light’s flame turns yellow or keeps going out
  • And most important, if anyone in your home complains of headaches or nausea anytime the boiler is on. This could mean the boiler is emitting deadly odourless fumes.