Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Stress Relief Activities for Renters to Calm Your Mind and Body


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you have to deal with different types of stress including acute stress, distress, and chronic stress. It’s important to manage stress in your everyday life for better mental and physical health. Let’s check out a few stress relief activities for renters to calm your body and mind.


The Discussion


  1. Do a half-minute workout – Any form of physical activity is good for your heart. Even if you don’t work out regularly and have a hard time going to the gym, you can manage half a minute of workout every day. When you work out for just half a minute, you’re able to increase your heart rate and enhance the production of dopamine and serotonin in your body. Those chemicals improve your mood and help you to relieve stress.


  1. Dance to your favorite tunes – Even if you have a very small room with limited space, just close the door, put on your wireless headphones, and dance to your favorite tracks. Dancing is an intense physical activity similar to a workout. Hence, it can provide you with the same mood-enhancing benefits as a workout. Apart from that, dancing to your favorite brings nostalgia and pleasant memories you may have attached to the song. This further helps to manage stress.


  1. Meditate – Get a firm cushion or sit on the bare floor in a cross-legged or relaxed position. Close your eyes while placing your hands on your knees. Focus on your breathing and try to keep a clear mind. Try to think about absolutely nothing as you are in this relaxed position. While it is very difficult to have a clear mind, doing this for a few minutes every day brings a refreshing feeling and helps you deal with stress immediately.


  1. Bake – Unless being in the kitchen adds stress for you, baking is an excellent activity to bust stress. It checks out most of the stress-releasing boxes. Baking is a sensory experience where you use your sense of touch. Your visual and olfactory senses are also stimulated. Apart from that, baking is an activity that requires your focus on a single thing and acts as a great distraction to keep you away from your daily struggles. In the end, you also get that rush of dopamine as you taste something sweet, or savory made by you.


  1. Paint – Painting is quite a liberating activity. Even if you aren’t a skilled painter, you can fill in colors in adult coloring books. Those books exist for a reason and that’s to beat stress. As you fill in colors or paint a picture, you stop thinking about the bad day and leave out all your frustrations.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned activities to bust stress and keep it in check. If you allow stress to build up from multiple sources it leads to other issues that affect your sleep, and mental health and causes you to gain weight and causes headaches.