Handy Provides Decorating with Photographs



According to Handy, there is a certain allure to decorating your house with photographs. Old photographs are like the pages of history books — only more interesting. They fill you with a sense of nostalgia and allow you to relish the beautiful memories of the past and relive those moments with a glance.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to decorate your house with photographs:

  1. Create a small tile photo collage – This is an unusual method of decorating your house with photos that look equally attractive and beautiful. You just need to hang small photo prints —  preferably of numerous family vacations, tours, and travels — on a large frame board and hang it on the wall of your living room or bedroom.

When organized in a suitable manner, it can look like a giant negative from a distance and pique the attention of your guests who come to visit your home. You can arrange the pictures to tell the story of your various travels, documenting each moment you discovered something new or had fun.

  1. Utilize a combination of rainbow frames with black and white mixed with color – Arranging photos of black and white mixed with colorful ones is a nice way to create contrast when decorating your living room. And you further improve the contrast by displaying them in large, colorful frames of different colors.

This would help to create a dramatic look that begs the attention of your guests and compels them to inspect more closely. It is recommended you hang the photos near a large window to create the most dynamic look.

  1. Arrange them on a bulletin board – If you don’t want to make use of glue or tapes to hang the photographs, you can make use of a large bulletin or pinboards. This way, you can use clothespins to hang the photographs. Generally, black and white photos offer the best look when decorating photographs on a bulletin board.

Alternatively, you can hang a few metal wires on the bulletin board and use a few clips to hang the photographs. You just have to ensure the wires are parallel. This would help to create a sleek and classy look.

  1. Hallway and staircase photo gallery – If your house has a long hallway or corridor, it can become an attractive location to create a gallery wall with some of the best family photos. However, it is only recommended if the hallway is large enough and has the appropriate lighting.

Similarly, you can create a gallery wall on the stairway to hang classic photos of your family. You can use frames of different sizes to create a more exciting look.


Handy suggests you look at Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration on how to decorate your apartment or home with beautiful photographs. The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited to using your creativity. Experiment with many different things and change the mood and theme of the decor according to your needs to create an attractive ambiance.