Everlasting Trends in Loft Ladders in UK

Everyone has done it at some point, standing on an old dining room chair or a rickety set of steps so as to reach out to the little hole in the ceiling and pull yourself up. While this serves the purpose, there is a great danger in using inappropriate means to get into your loft. Many people have sustained injuries trying to access their lofts through unconventional means. This is why there is a whole range of ladders designed to give you easy and safe access to your loft.

These ladders and their designs have evolved over time due to the changing needs of homeowners and the designs of the lofts. To appreciate this evolution, below are some trends in loft ladders that have swept over the UK for quite a while now.

There are two main types of loft ladders which are folding and sliding ladders. They may either be made of timber or metal.

Sliding Loft Ladders

When it comes to fitting and usage, these are the easiest. They are normally attached to the joists within your loft and come as two or three section ladders. A majority of homes in the United Kingdom have a large enough loft opening to accommodate the minimum sizes specified. Alternatively, the lofts may be easily extended to fit the ladder.

Sliding loft ladders may not come with a loft hatch, but may have a kit which allows you to convert your hatch into a hinged one. Depending on your budget and whether you are looking for minimal light usage ladders, you can get sliding loft ladders made of lightweight aluminium. However, these are a bit noisier compared to their deluxe timber counterparts. Sliding loft ladders come in two variants: concertina and telescopic ladders.

Concertina Ladders

These ladders are ideal where the space around your loft hatch is limited. In its stowed position, this ladder sits directly above the trap door of the loft which means it is a perfect fit for a loft hatch which is tight next to a wall or any obstruction. With these ladders, you can adjust the gradient before usage. This simply means even in circumstances where there is limited room, you can safely use the ladder.

Telescopic Ladders

This is an advanced loft ladder, unique in both operation and design. Thanks to its design, the telescopic loft ladder can be installed comfortably and safely even in tight spaces within the loft. Its operation is smooth and somewhat effortless. It also has deep trends that make climbing not just comfortable, but also safe.

Folding Loft Ladders

These are rather straightforward to use. They fold in either two or three sections which are then stacked up one on top of the other once fully closed. This type of loft ladders easily matches your hatch because of the fact that you can fold it and it comes in a variety of sizes.

If you want to optimally utilise your loft space, this ladder is a go-to solution. It comes with an integrated loft hatch casing complete with the loft ladder pre-mounted onto an insulated trap door.

Every loft ladder has a maximum load figure indicated under the specifications of the ladder. This means if you want to carry some boxes up into your loft space, you should add the weight of the boxes plus your own weight to determine whether the total weight exceeds that of the ladder or it’s within the allowable range.