How to remove moisture from buildings? Types of room drying equipment

Drying and dehumidifying equipment are used by all water damage repair services like water damage repair Weber county UT after a house has been flooded with tap water, after floods, to drain musty basements, and to speed up the drying of concrete, brick walls, plaster, screed.

Not everyone knows how dangerous humidity can be at home. Excess moisture can significantly weaken the building structure and damage floors and walls. It also has a negative impact on our health. Therefore, if you spot moisture in the house, you should not underestimate its negative impact and try to immediately get rid of it.

Why is drying so important?

Being in a damp apartment or house can negatively affect your health and cause respiratory problems, rheumatic pains, and allergies. Wet walls also have a destructive effect on the building structure, weakening the strength of the walls and reducing the durability of plasters. It is also worth noting that the interior, where moisture is present, is much more difficult to restore.

So what do you do when the level of humidity is above the acceptable level in your home?

To dry the walls, services specializing in water damage repair weber county ut choose professional equipment that is completely non-invasive and at the same time extremely effective.

There are various dehumidifiers on the market, including:

adsorption dehumidifiers – designed for rooms with low temperatures,

condensate dehumidifiers – with high condensing capacity, designed for heated rooms,

construction dryers – very efficient, designed to work in difficult conditions,

professional dehumidifiers – designed for continuous operation, without the need to empty the water tank,

household moisture absorbers – designed for home use, reduce humidity in the house, and prevent the formation of fungus on the wall

Undoubtedly, moisture creates a dangerous microclimate for family members and building structures. So let’s take care of our health and the technical condition of our house, and if the humidity is high, we should start acting. You can buy or rent the right dehumidifier or use the services of a professional company like water damage repair Weber County UT.

How does the dehumidifier work?

The operation of the dehumidifier is based on lowering the humidity level by cooling the air to the required temperature, followed by heating.

The dehumidifier consists of a suction fan, an evaporator, a filter, an air heater, and a condensate collector. At the same time, it should be noted that the difference in the air temperature at the outlet of the dryer is +5 C relative to the flow entering it.

The dehumidifier allows services like water damage repair Weber County UT to solve many pressing problems:

eliminate the appearance of fungus and mold, stains and corrosion;

significantly increase the efficiency of room heating at the lowest cost;

to achieve optimal regulation of humidity, accelerate the process of natural drying.

Drying out a room after a flood

If you urgently need to dry a room in your house after heavy rain or after flooding, as well as after raising groundwater, use the dehumidifier, which will remove puddles on the floor in a minimum amount of time and all excess moisture from the walls. Dehumidifiers effectively remove moisture by creating dry indoor air, thus causing walls and materials to quickly release moisture to the air to compensate for the moisture balance. The dehumidifier is able to quickly dehumidify the basement in the house.