Are Custom Frameless Shower Doors The New Trend In Treasure Coast?

Image Source: Unsplash

Have you always sought to make your bathroom even more magnificent than it is? If this is the case, you should consider the latest shower door styles.

A custom frameless shower door enclosure’s clean lines and open atmosphere remain the most popular bathroom design ideas.

Other design features are being added to match the elegant aesthetic of a transparent glass shower enclosure, indicating that the trend will continue, especially in the Treasure Coast.

In this article, we will discuss why frameless shower doors are the new trend. It might give you an idea on how to improve your bathroom design.

The Different Types of Shower Doors

  • Frameless Shower Doors:

Lately, people have been swapping out their framed ones with clean, frameless swinging versions to make sure they’re getting all of that hard-to-reach dirt off while keeping the bathroom looking modern and tidy!


  • Iced Shower Doors:

The chic choice for your bathroom is iced shower glass doors.

They offer a class, and they will stay valuable for quite some time, as these aren’t just any ordinary door but rather one made out of specialized material that offers such protection against water damage to you while also maintaining its cleanliness due in part from being easy-to-clean with regular use over many years until needed again!

The best thing about them may be how much more energy-efficient they can make sure homes remain during both hot (summer) or cold (winter).


  • Fractional Enclosures:

For people looking for more than just functionality with redesigning or renovating the bathrooms, there are other options available, like taking up less floor area. It makes an open layout while still providing privacy where desired without compromising on comfort.

A Frameless Shower Door Is Your Best Choice

You know what they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Well, it turns out that one big reason for this is because not everyone wants their shower enclosure! And frameless shower doors give beauty to almost all bathrooms it’s installed in.

So, if you want something sleek and modern without any visual obstructions or distractions from other areas around your home, then frameless showers are perfect.

Its sturdy glass doors provide a clean line against all those beautiful stonework designs (especially when showcasing gleaming hardware).

The best thing about frameless doors is that you can create your look with the different panels and hinges, but they come at a price.

For example, if metal frames aren’t included in this type of installation. Then it might not qualify as “frameless” anymore since there will always be something on top or around their edges to support them when opened up high like handles.

No Stalling In Installing Your New Bling

When you invest in the best custom frameless shower door for your bathroom space, there is a final test that they need to pass. You need to hire an experienced glass installer who will help design and install it correctly.

Make sure your installer has enough experience working on projects just like yours, or else you could end up with a poorly designed installation prone to not only fail but also cost more time than necessary. Discover the reliable and trustworthy custom closet designers on the Treasure Coast.