Hiring Green Commercial Cleaning Services Mooresville North Carolina

Hiring a company that offers commercial cleaning services Mooresville North Carolina will not only keep your office environment clean and healthy but also improve indoor air quality. The traditional method of cleaning involves the use of a lot of chemicals which when inhaled can cause serious health risks to your staff members, customers, and the environment. Those concerns have prompted commercial cleaning companies to employ cleaning techniques that are not harmful to both human and environmental health.

Chemically Active Cleaning Products and Their Health Concerns

A clean workspace has a positive effect on workers’ mental health. It lifts their mood, increases productivity and comfort levels. However, you need to be mindful of the cleaning products used up in your work environment. Some of these cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to humans. A fine example is the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the air by many standard cleaning products. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause several health conditions including dizziness, headache, skin and eye irritation, amongst others. Not only does it affect the cleaners but also staff members and customers for days after cleaning. The same can be said of employees who cleaned their desks or counter using antibacterial wipes. Cleaning products contain a chemical that can impact air and water quality, and should be avoided in every possible way. This is why many companies now choose green commercial cleaning services Mooresville North Carolina.

So, What Is Green Commercial Cleaning?

A green commercial cleaning service simply refers to a company that uses safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products. How can you identify a green commercial cleaning company? There are many indicators to look out for including

  • Using vacuums equipped with HEPA filters

  • Avoiding the use of aerosol sprays

  • Using non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products

  • Employing the use of renewable resource

Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

You opted for commercial cleaning service because you trust them to deliver and leave your premises clean and sparkling. To make sure you’re dealing with a green commercial cleaning company they should at least have policies in place that show that they care about the environment. In addition to environmentally friendly practices, other factors you may want to consider include reputation and skills.

To get the best service, avoid fly-by-night cleaning companies. No doubt, they offer cheap services but the result awaits you in the substandard cleaning service they render. Choose a company with a great reputation.

The best way to determine whether you are hiring the best commercial cleaning services is to request their past and present written records and testimonials from legitimate organizations. Once you get the list, contact at least three companies to confirm if they provide satisfactory service. And since commercial cleaning is not a one-time job, you need professionals that you can work with long-term.

What crop of cleaners makes up the company? How often do they go for training? Commercial cleaners need to be highly skilled in this field and one way to do that is by continuous training.

Do your homework before hiring a commercial cleaning company.