Homeless Camps: A Major Public Safety Concern

Homeless camps are a major safety concern for the general public, especially those who live around the area. Encampments expose residents and the public to biohazards such as drug paraphernalia and human waste. Homeless camp cleanup Richmond VA is a task carried out by professionally trained cleaning companies. However, there are different factors that determine the appropriate cleaning method to adopt. These include the size of the active site and its trash as well as its waste composition. Professional homeless cleanup performs its services with strict adherence to cleaning protocol. In other to mitigate the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, call professional homeless camp cleanup Richmond VA today.

How Cleanup Works

  • Residents notify the county of a homeless camp
  • The county or regulating authorities reach out to homeless camp cleanup experts in Richmond who visit the site for proper assessment to determine the right cleaning method to adopt.
  • The site is posted with a 72-hour notice that the space will undergo a thorough cleaning and occupants should vacate the encampment. The county or cities offer residents assistance in finding shelters and services within the specified grace period.
  • On the cleanup day, a homeless camp cleanup expert will be contracted to clean up the site using the recommended cleaning agents and methods for public health and safety.
  • Site reclamation may occur immediately the cleanup is complete to help prevent homeless people from setting up camps once again.

Who Handles Homeless Camp Cleanup On Private Property?

Keep in mind that the city is not responsible for the cleanup of private property encampments. This is the responsibility of the property owner. However, the property owner will get the much-needed support to ensure the encampments are thoroughly cleaned.

If you have encampments on your private property, reach out to experts who specialize in homeless camp cleanup Richmond VA. These experts work in line with the city’s normal code compliance procedures.

Who Handles Homeless Camp Cleanup on Non-City Owned Public Property?

Encampments clean up close to other public properties such as schools, churches, banks, and lots more is the responsibility of the property owner. If the city gets notified of an encampment on other publicly owned property, the authorities will notify the property owners to take the necessary steps. So Richmond residents concerned with a homeless camp on public property should reach out to the property owner.

It is however important to note that encampment cleanup is done only after the people who occupy the space are duly notified. Precious valuables found on site will be stored at designated storage facilities for claims by the rightful owner.  Expert cleaners will leave behind detailed information on where, when, and how to retrieve valuable items.

Homeless camps will continue to be an ongoing challenge until the root cause of the problems is duly addressed. These include providing a good number of beds at shelter facilities and providing affordable accommodation as well as job opportunities for the homeless. Until then, be sure to reach out to expert homeless camp cleanup Richmond VA for encampment cleanup.