DIY Homeless Camp Cleanup Puts You At Risk

California is one of the leading states struggling with a high case of homelessness. The number of homeless people in Orange CA is on the rise. While some are fortunate to find space in shelters, others seek solace right on the streets and in encampments. Without the right storage facilities, these camps will be riddled with all sorts of biohazards that could be harmful to human health. Homeless encampments are filled with lots of sharps and human waste hazards. Unlike normal waste that can be handled by just about anybody, biohazards require the services of an expert. Homeless camp cleanup Orange CA is responsible for clearing homeless camps.

Sometimes, individuals, businesses, and government agencies use volunteers and employees for the cleanup job. However, the inherent risks in a DIY homeless camp cleanup job are quite significant. Amateur cleaners are subjected to hazardous conditions. Odds are high that these individuals did not undergo the required safety training to stay safe. What’s more is that these amateur cleaners are likely not provided with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to carry out these cleaning tasks. Professional encampment cleaners have undergone the right training, taken the necessary vaccines, and are properly equipped to clean and sanitize an encampment.

Most volunteers or residents who choose to clean up homeless encampments are giving only a pair of gloves to sort out sharps like blades, needles, syringes, and other contaminated items. This jeopardizes their health and safety. You shouldn’t get on board a cleaning crew without at least having the right PPE for the job. There are needles that amateur cleaners could be poked with, leaving them exposed to blood transmitted diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Personal hygiene might be another problem as there are no proper bathroom facilities. So expect to see human waste on almost every corner.  If you don’t want to live the rest of your life in regrets as a volunteer or amateur cleaner for homeless camps, leave the task to a professional company.

What to Look Out for When Hiring Homeless Camp Cleanup Company

Homeless encampments will always be a major societal problem until housing and transitional services catch up. Although homeless camps have been an issue for decades, the problem keeps growing bigger and bigger. Until the housing issues are fixed, the need for experts in homeless camp cleanup Orange CA cannot be overemphasized. Homeless encampment cleaning technicians are responsible for safely cleaning and disposing of all the trash found in homeless camps. Common waste items found at the site include sleeping bags, needles, syringes, buckets, and plastics full of human waste, diapers, bottles, fishing equipment, workout supplements, and bottles.

In your quest to find a reliable cleaning company for homeless camp cleanup Orange CA, check out the things to look out for

  • Years of experience
  • Knowledge
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reviews
  • Website
  • Services offered
  • Tools and equipment
  • Resources and manpower

A professional cleaning company will always follow proper safety guidelines to avoid exposure to hazards. With them, the area will be safe and healthy for all.