How to Choose the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company for Your House


We know that cleaning our home’s air ducts is very important to ensure the quality of the air flow in our house. Since hiring professional air ducts cleaner can be very expensive, you might think that it is better to do the cleaning by yourself.

Even though cleaning the air ducts by yourself is indeed cheaper, it is actually not the wisest decision you can make. Air duct system is extremely complicated. As a result, unless you really have the technical knowledge about air duct cleaning, you might end up making everything worse. For example, you might somehow break the system or you fail to reach all the dust which means you are only wasting your time and energy. Even if you use the best duct cleaning machines, good result is still not guaranteed if you are not familiar with the system.

To make sure your air ducts will be perfectly cleaned and you can get all the benefits of a clean air duct, it is best to hire professional duct cleaners that have years of experience. You can use these tips to help you find the best duct cleaners.

Ask What Method and Equipment They Use

The first question you need to ask the candidates is what kind of method and what equipment they will use to clean your air ducts. Even if you don’t really understand how air duct cleaning system works, you will be able to know how good the cleaners are on their job from how they answer your questions. Furthermore, good equipment from reputable brand is also a must because using bad quality cleaning machines can put your air duct system in jeopardy.

A Part of NADCA

Make sure the cleaning company of your choice is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This is the most effective way to determine whether the company can provide professional and satisfying service or not. NADCA members are professionally certified to evaluate and clean HVAC systems. Their job also will follow the code of ethics of the association and their business is definitely licensed because it is one of the requirements to keep NADCA membership. You can visit NADCA’s website to find the list of reputable air duct cleaning company in your area.

Beware of Hidden Cost

It is very understandable if as a customer, you want to seal the best deal and hire a cleaning company that offers the cheapest price. However, you need to know that the cost of decent air duct cleaning will be around $450 at the very least. The more complicated and dirty the system is, the price can climb up really high up to thousands of dollars. So, if you see a company advertising that they can do the job with only less than $100, it is definitely a scam. They might still deliver a good result, but it is highly possible that it will include hidden cost. So, make sure to ask for written quote so the company doesn’t have any chance to charge extra cost in the middle of the project.