4 Key Qualities that Employees of a Homicide Cleanup Service Atlanta Georgia Possess

Cleaning up in the aftermath of a crime isn’t easy. It takes people with certain qualities to do the job properly. When it comes to working with a homicide cleanup service Atlanta Georgia, prospective employees can expect to receive training that helps them do the work safely. What they must do is bring the following to the workplace in order to be successful.


Crime scene cleanups as well as suicide site cleanups have several aspects in common. One of them is the fact that the cleaning team is likely to come in contact with one or more grieving loved ones. Those interactions must include a display of compassion and consideration for those who are still processing what happened.

It helps when the cleanup team can convey that they will work as discreetly and respectfully as possible. Making sure that the loved ones know that the cleanup will be finished without delays also helps to provide a measure of comfort.

Physical and Emotional Stamina

Cleaning the scene of a homicide is demanding in more than one way. It takes a great deal of physical stamina to handle the equipment, methodically deal with removing whatever cannot be cleaned, and in general remain focused throughout the cleaning. Depending on the severity of the scene, it could take hours of intense physical activity to complete the task.

The emotional aspect of this line of work also matters. Cleaning team members must maintain some degree of emotional distance from what they see and deal with it any given scene. The ability to not feel overwhelmed no matter that’s present makes it easier to concentrate on essential tasks and be able to put a job out of mind once it’s completed.


A client is likely to call a homicide cleanup service Atlanta Georgia any time of the day or night. It’s not unusual for a cleaning team to be deployed at odd hours. That means team members must be prepared to get a call in the middle of the night, get out of a comfortable bed, and gear up to head to a crime or suicide scene.

Some people can’t fathom working outside of what’s considered normal hours. Others understand that work of this type can happen any time and commit to being there whenever the need arises. This is a quality that anyone working in this type of job must possess.


Cleanup teams work in many settings that are considered personal spaces. It may be in a home, an office, or other areas that are normally occupied by a select few. The potential of coming in contact with personal property, proprietary data, and other things that need to be left alone is high.

With that in mind, team members must demonstrate the highest degree of integrity as well as discretion. For this reason, it’s not unusual for cleanup services to conduct background checks to ensure the people sent into these settings do possess a high level of personal integrity.

There’s more that goes into qualifying for this type of work. If you need to hire a cleanup team for anything from crime scene cleanup to dealing with the aftermath of a suicide, feel free to ask what qualities the service looks for when hiring employees. Doing so will help you feel more comfortable about allowing strangers into the space while also helping you see why they are the most practical way to deal with the cleaning.