6 Signs That Prove You Need Garage Door Repair

Most homeowners certainly often use their garage door every single day. Nonetheless, despite of using it all the time, some people still forget to provide regular maintenance to the door. If we do not give it a monthly maintenance, soon it will be broken and our family safety might be at risk. But, when to know that we need a repair? Here we will tell you signs that require you to fix it. And, we also have provided one recommendation to get the best Phoenix garage door repair service.

  1. It Makes Noises

When we operate garage door, it usually produces some noises. That is a normal condition. However, if it starts making loud squeaking or screeching sounds, then you need to give your attention to it. This condition already tells you there is something wrong with the door. Old or loosened parts can be the cause of it. If the noises become louder and louder, then you will need an immediate repair for it.

  1. It Moves Inconsistently

When we open or close our garage door, it has to move smoothly. But, if it is shaking when we operate it or moving inconsistently, you need to check on it soon. There might be some parts which are broken and need a replacement.

  1. Remote Is Not Responsive

We can clearly tell that there is something wrong when we cannot open or close the door. No matter how hard we try to click the automatic opener or remote, it still does not move at all. There are several factors which can cause this problem. First, the door has a poor connection with the remote or control panel. Second, the door suffers from some damages or in malfunction. Last, you need to replace the battery. You can try to check whether there is something blocking the way. If you found nothing, then call a technician to examine and fix it.

  1. It Has Slow Response

When we activate the garage door, it should open or close within seconds. If you find it showing any delays, there may be a problem with the door opener. It probably does not receive the signals really well. That can cause the door to be unable to operate efficiently.

  1. It Drains Too Much Energy

Is your energy bill suddenly increased? When people have that problem, they usually blame the heating system or air conditioner. The case is not always like that. Surprisingly, our garage door can be the main suspect of this issue. In normal condition, this system does not affect your energy bill a lot. However, when it gets older, it may drain too much energy which oppresses your bill later. Before your bill gets higher, you need to call a technician to fix it right away.

  1. It Is Off the Tracks

Garage door can open and close as it moves along tracks through belt drive, chain drive, or screw drive operated by automatic door opener. If it is off the tracks, the door will be jammed which leads it to stop moving. In other words, it gets stuck in the middle of its track.

Legends Garage Door

If your garage door shows any of the signs above, you need to call a technician. In Phoenix, there are several of them you can choose to hire. But, there is one Phoenix garage door repair company we would like to recommend to you. That is Legends Garage Door.

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As you can see, Legends Garage Door is one quite trustworthy company. Thus, whenever you have a problem with your garage door, you know who to call and hire.