How to Move in Calgary Safely During Winters?

Alberta is known to receive very chilly winter every year. The cold weather makes the conditions extreme in Calgary and the whole Canada. This way, Alberta Pro Movers works all the year round to facilitate people move over long distances and locally. Around 14% of Canadians move every year on average. So, local and long distance movers in Calgary are working actively on all kinds of weather.
Here are some of the tips to move safely in Calgary during winter season.

Pack Carefully
When it comes to pack your belongings, be sure they are safe and secured and add moving boxes which can hold their weight. Avoid packing them overly. If you have fragile items, wrap them up in bubble wrap, butcher’s paper, newspaper or moving blankets. Keep your goods insulated so that the elements don’t ruin priceless or costly items, such as electronics that are vulnerable to moisture and frost. Plastic and glass items can be weakened and more fragile when exposed to cold weather. Condensation can impact electronics, wood finishes and antiques. Even wood glue is subject to receive heat fluctuations.

Roll the Carpet Out
Clear the path from your home to the truck to start your moving day. Toss salt on concrete surfaces to reduce sludge and ice, collect leaves, and shovel a path off the snow. This way, you and movers from Calgary Moving Company can stay safe when it comes to carry items from your house to truck.

Protect the Floors
A lot of people living in cold areas know the stress of rain, snow and mud. When traveling in and away from your home town on a move, the outer elements can easily come inside. So, you should apply the non-slip covers on the floors to ensure protection.

Don’t Rush
You shouldn’t be in hurry on a move, especially in wet, cold and icy weather. Keep in mind that winter months have less day light that imparts visibility and lighting quality. Be sure to plan in advance to use the daylight hours properly. When moving in icy, wet and snowy conditions, move slowly. Rushing can cause spills and slips, damage to belongings, and injuries. Expect your move to take longer time than proposed, in winter conditions. It may add delays on your schedule or extra costs.

Consider the Warning Signs
Though you are not going outdoors for a long time period, it is always better to be safe and know the warning signs for cold temperatures. It is always important to practice first aid training. Teach yourself and get anyone to help you in issues like hypothermia.

Wear well-Fit Clothes
Wear close-toed shoes and have clothes fit your body on your moving day. Choose layered clothes. Though it’s a cold day, the moving activity will warm you up quickly. You can easily take off and add clothes accordingly. Use pocket warmers or hand warmers as well. Stay fueled and well fed with a hearty breakfast to get the energy to keep running with heavy loads.

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