Four Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Beautiful and Clean


Bathroom is one of the rooms in our house that needs extra care and attention. Since every activity we do in bathroom involves water, this room bound to be full with moisture which can lead to germ and bacteria accumulation. Not to mention when the faucet or pipe is leaking which makes us have to call emergency plumber Manchester as soon as possible. But since bathroom is a very important part of our life, we shouldn’t hesitate to take extra measure to keep its hygiene. Here are some of the simplest things you can do to keep your bathroom beautiful and clean.

Keep It Dry

After taking a shower, brushing your teeth or simply doing any activity that involves water, you need to make sure that your bathroom is dry. You shouldn’t let water running around freely on the floor, bath tub or the bathroom sink because that is exactly the recipe to make your bathroom looks dirty. You need to make it a habit to dry the floor, water basin, shower glass door or bath tub after using them. If you let the water marks dirtying your bathroom, it will be hard to clean them afterwards.

Pay Attention to the Plumbing System

Another great way to keep your bathroom dry is to make sure the plumbing system works perfectly. If you notice your shower head or the faucet is leaking, you need to take action as fast as possible. When it comes to plumbing system, small leak can be a sign of bigger problem or even lead to bigger problem. So, before disaster happens and water floods your bathroom, it is best to pay better attention to the plumbing system in your bathroom. If you notice any abnormality, go call plumber Manchester as soon as possible so that you can keep using your bathroom without any troubles.

Avoid Clutter on the Countertop

Beauty and cleanliness in the bathroom doesn’t always have something to do with water. Sometimes, keeping your bathroom clean is just as simple as keeping your bathroom countertop tidy. You need to make a clear system and don’t just put anything there just because you can. You should only put necessities on the countertop, things that you will use every day like toothbrush and toothpaste for example. For the rest of the things, it is best to hide them inside the cabinet so that your countertop will not be cluttered. Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to bathroom, so don’t make a mess on your countertop by putting too many things.

Regularly Squeegee Bath Tub and Shower Glass Door

If you notice that your shower head or bath tub faucet is leaking, you need to call 24 hour plumber Manchester as soon as possible because it will be a vain to clean the bathroom if the faucet keeps leaking water. To make sure you will not forget to dry your bath tub and shower glass door after taking a bath, prepare a squeegee in your bathroom. Cleaning the water marks with squeegee will only take five or ten minutes but the benefit will last for a very long time.